“What, Me Worry?”

On their way to Easter vacation, George Bush and Karl Rove are doing a little evading of the law just to keep their hands in. Unable to get Senate approval, the White House has used a recess appointment to make Sam Fox the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.

Mr. Fox’s qualification as a diplomat is based on his $50,000 contribution to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which produced ads smearing John Kerry’s war record in 2004.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that the Anxiety Indicator of Americans is moving closer to a level signalling “a full-blown crisis of public confidence.”

What could possibly be causing so much worry?

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2 Responses to “What, Me Worry?”

  1. Buzz says:

    Essentially, “The Decider” is thumbing his nose at John Kerry and the Congress! And to think he promised to be a great uniter!! We need a measure, ASAP, to prvent the backdoor appointment of our Kings designees while Congress is on recess. This seems to be a direct contradiction of the policy of checks and balances.
    And oh yes, Bush, once again, publicly displayed both his stupidity and lack of command of the English language. In a televised response to a question on the British hostage crisis “The Decider” responded that, “Prime Minister Blur had his full backing.” It is only his mind which is blurred. In the 6.5 years he has been on the throne, why hasn’t Laura (the librarian) been able to tutor him?

  2. If there is any brightness and irony to be found in this, it is that Fox gets off US soil and lands in a country where JK and THK are probably quite popular.

    Appréciez l’hospitalité, M. Fox.