Family History

This is my 3rd Great Grand Mother, Lucinda Eve Gauthier. She married Edwin Henry Clay Chiasson, on July 05, 1878, in Houma, Louisiana. She was born October 30, 1858, and died in 1939. Her daughter, married a son of a Confederate soldier, that was a conscript, and who was captured after the fall of Vicksburg. That 3rd Great Grand Father, was Ulysse Jean Baptiste Bergeron. Ulysse was as I said, a conscript, and refused to sign the parole papers. He spent over a year as a prisoner of war. Ulysse was a simple farmer, and got wrapped up in the war that someone else wanted.

Sounds familiar? Like so many during that time, he was not a slave owner, he was just a farmer. It is said that Grandpa Jean, the son-in-law of Grandma Lucinda, had a falling out with his dad. What it was about, remains to be known. Upon the notice of Grandpa Ulysee being on his death bed, Grandpa Jean took a train to be at his side. He never made it. Grandpa Ulysse died, without ever getting to say goodbye to his own son. The Confederate conscript, that waged war, against his better judgement, with the 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery, was robbed of his kin, like he was robbed of his youth.

This picture is reported to have been taken in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Grandma Lucinda is serving coffee to one of her nieces in the pic. War is hell people, and should be the last resort. Bring my brothers and sisters in green home! This war in Iraq is wrong, and I cannot support it. I come from a long line of military, and this has to end now.

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4 Responses to Family History

  1. Donnie

    Thank you for sharing this with us. What a rich history your family has. This does need to end now. We need to keep the issue in the forefront and making noise in the blogosphere. Some folks, like JK are listening.

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  3. Pamela,

    Wait till I do one on my Grand Uncle Earl. He served over 28 years in the Army, and was in WWll, Korea, and Vietnam. He was the one that showed me how to be a patriot. He was the brother of my Grandmother that passed away a few months ago. Grampa McDaniel was also in the Army Air Corps during WWll. Her other brother John, also was in the Army. The list just goes on and on. Every generation has had someone in the military in my background.

    Uncle Earl was of course happy that I enlisted, but that old war horse joked about me bucking tradition and joining the Marines. 😆 The old goat called me another goddamned jarhead! He mumbled it while shaking his head as he walked down the hall. Too Funny!

  4. Donnie

    I had an Uncle Earl too! I don’t know if he was in the military at all though.