Happy Passover

It has been a tradition in my family to have friends over for our annual Passover Seder. Both friends and family are invited to remember a long-ago time when tyrants ruled over our ancestors and we sought freedom and redemption.

For the Christian faith, the Passover Seder is a special event as well, commemorating the Last Supper that DaVinci captured in the now famous painting. Like so many other gatherings on Holidays, these meals are special events and are not to be missed.

Going through the brief service this year, (our family is partial to “A Passover Haggadah”, the New Union Haggadah, edited by Herbert Bronstein and published in 1982), I came across a very interesting passage that I thought I would share with all of you. Sometimes we read things that catch our eyes and have a new meaning where meaning was not present previously.

In the section on the “Ten Plagues” that precedes the release of the Jews from Pharaoh’s oppression and Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, we like to take a drop of wine from our glass so that with each plague our own pleasure is diminished,

The service continues:

Each drop of wine we pour is hope and prayer that people will cast out the plagues that threaten everyone everywhere they are found, beginning in our own hearts:

The making of war, the teaching of hate and violence, despoliation of the earth, perversion of justice and of government, fomenting of vice and crime, neglect of human needs, oppression of nations and peoples, corruption of culture, subjugation of science, learning, and human discourse, the erosion of freedoms.

I read the modern list of plagues and wondered if the writer had envisioned an America that could possibly be responsible for so many of these.

Maybe it was just me, but it sure seemed to echo what was going on in our own nation in 2007.


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3 Responses to Happy Passover

  1. Happy Passover Bob!

    I uneventfully celebrated Easter/Passover doing nothing much at all including very little blogging and enjoyed myself tremendously.

    My daughter left for a week long school trip at 7:30 am on Easter and I have been catching up on rest and reading. A rarity for me.

    I hope your’s was a wonderful holiday.

  2. Pamela,

    Thank you for your kind greetings! I hope that you and your daughter had a very nice Easter Holiday.

    As we look into our own religious traditions for inspiration, we can find a need for greater justice, for greater care of the environment, and greater respect and love for one another.

    It doesn’t really matter how we refer to or find our God, the answer is always the same.

    Thank you for all of the great work that you do on this website.


  3. Bob

    I’m terribly eclectic and related well to organized religion but have always held a profound sense of spirituality since I was very young. The one thing I have learned in studied many of the great relgions and tradition is that the answer is always the same.

    To add a little humor to the discussion, a few weeks ago my daughter and I went to see Eric Clapton perform here in L.A.. At one point I looked over at my daughter and the guy standing next to her who we had been talking with and I said, “the blues is my church.” The guy looked at me and at first said “huh,” and then he quickly thought and said, “yeah, I get it.” 😉