Introducing Elmer Creek Conspiracy

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I would like to introduce everyone to Elmer Creek Conspiracy. I found out about this group on The Democratic Daily. Les Halvarson, often comments over there, and I have been meaning to do a post on this band.

Ginny did a review on the CD, at The Democratic Daily:

The ultimate purpose and effectiveness of a dissent song is to reach both mind and soul. High profile artists, Eminem, Springsteen and Neil Young, have recently added their efforts to the list of protest songs.

She goes on to say:

Now to the subtle power of “America in Denial”. The music is a delightful combination of rock, jazz, and country. The lyrics have the concise clarity of poetry without sacrificing the full reality that needs to be said. The balance is striking. The music backs up and carries the words, which the artists deliver so clearly it is hard to miss or mistake any of them. The result is images and ideas that resonate in your brain to the tunes that add the intangible piece to the message. The skill of reaching mind and spirit is rich in the Elmer Creek Conspiracy.

You can listen to song samples HERE. Songs on the CD, Elmer Creek Conspiracy: America In Denial, consists of songs like “Bring Back The Draft.”

Bring Back The Draft-Lyrics

Well America’s sleepwalking through the Middle East
All in the name of democracy
And the people back home are all content with their lives
All is good in America
You know we really don’t care what’s going on overseas
Cause we’re over here living the life of ease
As long as it don’t affect me or you
We really don’t care what they do
But all that would change in the drop of a hat
With one word from those Washington bureaucrats
That they’re taking your sons, gonna give them a gun
And send them off to do the dirty work they’ve begun
And maybe then you’d stand up and speak your mind
And not stand around as if you were blind
But instead understand that you are to blame
For all the things being done in your name

So bring back the draft
Let all those college kids feel the wrath
Bring back the draft
Let rich American join in the bloodbath
Bring back the draft
Don’t let just the National Guard get the shaft
Bring back the draft
Let all those young boys go on the warpath
Bring back the draft

Well mothers and fathers across this great land
You’re content with the knowledge that your sons’ lives are all planned
They can do what they want, they can do what they choose
They can go on with life like they’ve got nothing to lose
Then along comes their Uncle and says, “I need you”
And your family all line up and bid you adieu
You’re theirs now for two years, you’re theirs now for three
To do with you exactly as they please
And now comes the wakeup for mother and dad
And the news isn’t good as most of it’s bad
Seems the government’s lied about why they’ve done what they’ve done
And the one who’ll pay for this blunder is your son
So to bring out the truth and to make you aware
And to stop all this graft by these billionaires
I say, “Bring back the draft!” and let us all get involved
And let’s watch freedom really evolve

Front Cover

Back Cover

Be sure to visit the website, and you can buy the CD HERE.

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One Response to Introducing Elmer Creek Conspiracy

  1. elmercreek says:

    Thanks Donnie

    You know the sad thing about this CD is that we started writing it in 2005 and unfortunately it’s still pertinent today.

    This war should have been long over by now.