Republicans live in a “Parallel Universe”

Why is it not surprising that the White House is now embroiled in an email controversy over an entirely different set of email accounts run by the Republican National Committee for members of this Administration? A parallel email system to the authorized White House email system.

The Republicans live in a Parallel Universe.

They live in a world where they won the 2000 and 2004 elections. Where election fraud means people voting more than once rather than the thousands of voters suppressed in Florida, Ohio and elsewhere.

They live in a world where the insurgents are in their “last throes” and it is moral to rewrite global warming data to show that there is not a threat to our planet.

Freedom of Speech means not being able to say “Polar Bears” at international conferences.

For them torture is just a “little dip” instead of the horror the rest of us see.

The President lives in a world where Congress doesn’t really matter; signing statements can over-ride anything they pass anyhow.

The Geneva Conventions don’t really matter in their world; they are “quaint”.

To lower the deficit in their world you cut taxes and raise spending. Their new math only works in Washington.

To bring the soldiers home it is necessary to send more to war.

No child left behind means cutting funds for Public Education.

Regulating industry means appointing lobbyists to oversight positions.

Supporting the troops means not providing them with body honor or adequate veteran’s benefits, research for traumatic brain syndrome, or even paying for adequate maintenance at Walter Reed.

“Doing a Great Job” means Katrina.

Pharmacy benefits means not negotiating for drug discounts for Seniors.

Free trade means not allowing re-importation of drugs from Canada.

Addressing the Social Security Fund short-fall means diverting funds to private accounts.

National Security means revealing CIA Agents.

Reducing our dependence on imported oil means not raising mileage standards on automobiles.

So why am I not surprised that they should have their own email accounts at the White House? Our laws don’t apply to them…they are in a parallel universe not connected to our reality. But then, we are just reality-based Americans after all.


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About Robert Freedland

A concerned American and supporter of Senator John Kerry, I am the author of the blog "John Kerry for President 2008". I am also the author of the stock market investing blog, "Stock Picks Bob's Advice".
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4 Responses to Republicans live in a “Parallel Universe”

  1. Bob

    In the real universe that we live in John Kerry is our president. 🙂

    Why some people still don’t get how f’d up these people are is beyond me. It’s downright disgusting and disheartening and lately I’ve been too fed up by it all.

  2. elmercreek says:


    Great post! It’s important that we keep reminding people of ALL these issues. Individually, one of these issues may be ignorable but when you total them up they become real scary.

  3. Darrell Prows says:


    “Conservative”, at least when applied to people in the political realm, has so much internal inconsistency that it actually qualifies as a one word oxymoron. When have you ever seen a conservative conserve anything except their own shameless claim to have the right to tell the rest of us how we have to live our lives?

    Conservatives have lead humanity in the race to destroy our planet, and have so excelled at this that they have even scared some of their evangelical brethren to the point of there now being a nascent environmental awakening by a few of those who find the rest of their formula for living from talk radio. And that would be pretty much the full conservationist credentials of the modern American Conservative movement.

    Since conservatives define themselves as attempting to preserve the old ways of living, there’s no way that they could be anything but fucked in the head. The very essence of the history of human life is change. Change demands adaptation, and adaptation connotes progression. We’re called progressives because we’re committed to getting on with the business of living, no matter where the human journey carries us. Conservatives, on the other hand, try to take a stand, and scream in the face of nature that wherever we are headed, they ain’t going. Their approach to life is virtually to throw a tantrum, and they demand to be respected for it.

    The “Conservative” people I know are many things, but conservative ain’t one of them.

  4. Darrell Prows says:


    According to the Republican right, being totally deceptive is nowhere near the same thing as being completely dishonest. Fortunately, the numbers tell a different story.

    If you listen to the current occupant of the White House, you might or might not be able to tell that things are not going particularly well for the U.S. military in Iraq. However, one thing that is made abundantly clear is that troop levels are satisfactory because what ever troop level we use is satisfactory.

    Then, of course, there is the fact that we have finally created an Iraqi military/police force of 300,000 members to go along with our 150,000 plus or minus fighters. Regretfully, though, none of this really has made any appreciable change in conditions on the ground and that is why we have to “stay the course”.

    Man, there’s some funky math there. Since when are 150,000 soldiers and 450,000 soldiers exactly the same thing? If 450,000 bodies ain’t getting the job done, is it really truthful to say that 150,000 was always a sufficient number? Or is the problem that “300,000 Iraqis” is just a feel good number?

    Whatever! For The Bush Zombies “principles” are the only things that really matter and little details like being factually accurate must never be allowed to get in the way of a preferred course of action.