Grimm Brothers: Thompson and Gonzales

If you like fairy tales, just look at the morning papers. Two Republicans, Fred Thompson and Arturo Gonzales, are updating the Grimm Brothers.

Uncle Fred is recycling the old one from the master storyteller of your parents’ time, Ronald Reagan, about the magic tax cuts, the trickle-down and the beanstalk that grows to the sky.

The tooth fairy is back in Uncle Arturo’s tale of how, while we are all tucked safely in bed, he and his elves who never sleep have been watching over us unselfishly day and night.

Now, children, just close your eyes until November 2008, and it will be Morning in America again with porridge for everybody.

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One Response to Grimm Brothers: Thompson and Gonzales

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Fred Thompson was a politician who was a smooth enough liar that Hollywood invited him to turn professional.

    Ronald Reagan was never anything but an actor, even after he was hired to try to become President. An indication of how well managed he and his presidency were is the fact that he stumbled through the last several years of his term with Alzheimer’s and no one really noticed.

    One thing that both men never claimed to be any damn good at (nor GWB, for that matter) is math. Reagan started his term out with a federal budget deficit at $74 billion, and running at $155 billion when he handed over the reins. To his credit, his worst year was $221 billion, but even the 155 number is worse than any president before him.

    Thompson crows about how well Bush has done at bringing budget deficits down with the tax cuts enacted by Congress at his behest. Interestingly, the numbers tell quite a different story. Junior inherited a federal budget that was running a surplus, and took it to a low of $431 billion in the hole before it finally started to come back. The 06’ number came in at minus $260 billion, which is, arguably, a hair better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    Man, is that “supply side” stuff potent, or what.

    To give credit where credit is due, though, Ronnie and the kid have both shown that even Republican presidents can crank out some economic growth if they’re allowed to run humongous budget deficits.

    And Thompson has made it clear that he favors throwing large wads of money at rich people in the hope that some of it will slide down to where the masses live. What a visionary!