Kerry ’08? (part 2)

Pamela noted the silly comments made by some other bloggers regarding Kerry’s comments about the ’08 race. Not only do I not think he’s going to run, but the vitriol that comes spewing out by even mentioning such a thing is so pathetic.

Pamela noted the comments by another blogger, but I couldn’t help note the delicious irony on that blog.

Just below the post slamming Kerry is another post about Iraq entitled “Who will be the last man to die for a mistake?”

LOL. I love Mondays.

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6 Responses to Kerry ’08? (part 2)

  1. Todd

    I missed that one on BaB. Pathetic is right on the vitriol.

    As much as I’d love it if he changed his mind. I see the chances as very slim at this point. He’s in his element right now, talking about the issues he cares about.

  2. Bryan says:

    Let’s face it Pamela…
    Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barrack Obama
    (forgive me if I spelled their names wrong)
    are NOT real “go-getter” notable favorites that would make us run to the election booth. The best I can say about the choices being presented to the Democrat voters (in my opinion I must say) is that they are still a better choice than all of the Republican candidates by a landslide. Now, to me, John Kerry or Al Gore (my hopes are still high for Al) would blow the doors off the elections… all they would have to do is announce and then take the “Oath of Office of the President”!

  3. John Kerry in 2008?

    It will be a difficult road.

    Senator Kerry is up to the task.

    There is nobody out there more credible than John Kerry on the Environment, on Iraq, on Veterans benefits, and on what this nation needs to get ‘back on track’.

    Count me in.


  4. Bryan

    I hear you on all counts. They Dems might be better than what the Repubs are offering but we’re still short on the best we have to offer.

  5. Robert Freedland

    How did I know you’d say that? 😉

  6. Talk about irony, dissing him and yet, using his saying.