Good Morning VIETRAQ!

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Gooood Morning VIETRAQ! Top of the day to you happy campers here at the IED Ritz Carlton, aka The Sand Box! The liberal biased media is reporting an alleged string of bombings that allegedly killed 127 people across Baghdad Wednesday. Anyone that has kept up with the story out of Iraq, knows that the surge is working.

If that is not enough, that liberal biased media also tries to make us believe that “The carnage underscored the profound insecurity that continues to plague the nation.”

But have no fear, Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell, U.S. military spokesman, takes those dirty unwashed hippies to task and speaks the truth.

We’ve seen both inspiring progress and too much evidence that we still face many grave challenges,” Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell, U.S. military spokesman, told reporters Wednesday. “We’ve always said securing Baghdad would not be easy.”

It’s not like anyone said that we would be greeted as liberators! We know it’s working!

The multiple bombings on Wednesday come a week after a suicide bombing at the Iraqi parliament, inside the highly protected Green Zone.

If you find this to be offensive, then join the crowd. Iraq has become a no win situation, and a debacle that will forever be a black mark on our nation. We cannot allow this to continue, and our troops need to be taken out of that meat grinder of a civil war. To say other wise, is just a way to avoid admitting that the war is a lie, and we should never have gone to Iraq to begin with. We need to bring our troops home now, and end this insanity. If you want to help, click on this:


We the people, have to take charge, and reclaim our nation. We have to let those that we put in office in November, know that we expect them to follow through with our mandate. If we are not listened to, then we must remove them and do it as soon as it can be done. We demand accounting and justice! We demand our country be returned back to us!


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3 Responses to Good Morning VIETRAQ!

  1. Buzz says:

    Last week I submitted a letter to our local newspaper. It was published. The point of it was that President Bush and this administration continue to live in their private fantasy world, regarding the war in Iraq. The letter went like this:
    Last week tens of thousands of Iraqui’s marched in a united demand that the U.S. leave their country. They burned and ripped apart American flags. Shiite Cleric Al-Sadar exhorted the multitude to expel all Americans. The police were encourage to join in the struggle to expel our “archenemy” from their homeland. The Iraqui’s chanted in unison, “Yes to Iraq, the occupiers must leave!” In response, suicice attacks and car bombings have increased dramitically across Bagdad.
    So, how has King George responded? He has stated publically that it is fortunate that the Iraqui’s now have the democratic power to collectively demonstrate. He reminds us that such a demonstration would not have been possible under the tyranny of Saddam. General Patraeus, chief US Commander, echoed the Prsident’s sentiments by stating, “This would not have been possible four years ago.”
    Don’t they now see that we are being viewed as the enemy? Such praise would be like General Custer complimenting the Indians at his infamous, “Last Stand”. The lives of our servicemen contiune to be sacrificed in a war which no longer has a purpose. It’s time to bring them home!

  2. elmercreek says:

    Not to be insensitive or uncaring about the Virginia Tech incident but the thought kept going through my mind, National Day of Mourning? This wasn’t even an average day in Iraq. They have 365 National Days of mourning a year. Until we as a nation comprehend the horror that is GWB’s Iraq and that our presence there prolongs this horror, our troops will not come home. Maybe the image of 365 Virginia Tech massacres would make America comprehend Iraq and shake us out of our stupor!

    I agree with you Buzz, bring the troops home.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Maybe more like 365 Oklahoma City bombings per year.

    Hell, we don’t even know the true numbers, and so many here act like they couldn’t care less.