An Angry Democratic Candidate…and One You Might Not Expect

Members of the progressive movement are frustrated by the lack of public anger and passion in Washington on the subject of Iraq. Senator Joe Biden has made a recent speech on Iraq that is impassioned, and truly impressive. It could be the type Senate floor speech the community is waiting to hear.

It is the most impassioned, and angry, Iraq speech in recent memory. Backed by comprehensive knowledge, it seems to reflect the anger in the nation.

Senator Biden’s anger was tangible, his passion evident…it deserves the few minutes it will take to watch and listen.

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5 Responses to An Angry Democratic Candidate…and One You Might Not Expect

  1. Bryan says:

    I am disgusted!
    After spending about an hour loading this
    (I have a very slow dial up service)
    I got to listen to about a minute and a half when the lights went out.
    My battery back up failed.
    I lost it.
    I’m not going to try again.
    What I did hear was full of sincere emotion and truth.
    Please… anyone with a written copy, please, I want it!
    And if you would next time please offer a written text of these speaches along with the U-Tube (or who ever) link for us dial-up poor people that can’t afford all that high priced speed!

  2. Buzz says:

    Horay for my Delaware Senator Joe Biden!! This was powerful!! This is the type of rhetoric we need to get the American people stirred up. This war will not end until we see the mass protests that typified the Vuetnam resistence. King George has made it abundantly clear that he feels he is responsible to no one. He is “The Decider”. His arrogance knows no bounds!!
    Why wasn’t Senator Biden’s justified rant covered my the news networks?
    The majority of Americans remain sitting on their posteriors, while our service people are being sacrificed like sheep going to a slaughter. We invaded Iraq based on false intelligence, and almost five years later we continue to bear the bloody cost.
    I am a Vietnam veteran. I respect the troops for their resolve and bravery. However, I do not support the mission which is sending them to a needless, ealy graves!
    We need to begin ranting and yelling like Senator Biden. We need to begin peaceful civil disobeience on college campuses. We need to begin marching on major highways and closing them down, if need be. Of course, the police will be there to arrest the peaceful demonstrators. But, so what! Martin Luther King showed the power of civil disobedience in overcoming bigotry. Things like the Birmingham bus boycott proved successful as a means in fufilling his glorius “Dream”.
    This president refuses to listen to his top generals, to democrats, to his own republican party, and to the will of the American people, as evidenced by the 2004 election results. People, wake up. We are living under a monarch. Only thru organized civil disobedience do we stand a chance of ending this illegal war. However, my hopes are not high. As long as they can keep rotateing our voluteer army multiple times to the war zone, the people at large won’t speak out. Is the attitude really, “they voluteered for this, so they deserve what they get”? Unfortunately, I think it is. Only the reinstitution of the draft, which will most likely come, will invigorate “the silent majority”. Perhaps only when it’s their kids who are dying will they begin pouring into the streets. Shame, shame, shame, that we must wait until then!!

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Who knew that we would come full circle to the point where the draft does look like an answer to something.

    Clearly, the better answer would be for us to just grow up to the point where we stop attacking places, and actually shrink our military. However, there is very little sign of that any place on the horizon. It would be nice if this campaign would, somehow, swing in that direction.

  4. Stuart ONeill says:

    Good suggestion in thread about the posting of YouTube addresses too…but that was a YouTube video and would have some through the same way…I know slow connections so I sympathize!

    If possible I’ll help DemDaily to post in Flash so the download is MUCH MUCH MUCH shorter for dialup and non-existent for broadband.

    The comment pretty much echoes my thoughts about getting into the ‘rage’ of the thing.

    Draft is going to be necessary if war breaks out anywhere else…sorry to say. Damn I hate saying that…

  5. Sis B says:

    This is extraordinary. Thank you for posting it.