Cheney and Bush Have Consistently Misled Us on Iraq

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Both VP Cheney and President Bush have consistently misled us on Iraq:

1. They predicted weapons of mass destruction and chemical stockpiles. There were none.

2. They predicted that we would be greeted as liberators with flowers. We were not, instead we were greeted with mines, gunfire, and suicide bombers.

3. Well over a year ago VP Cheney said that the enemy resistance was “In it’s last throes.” This proved to be a pipe dream.

4. President Bush in a PR stunt appeared on the deck of the USS Lincoln, beneath a banner which declared, “Mission Accomplished.” This was just another lie AKA pipedream.

5. At first our stated mission was to rid Iraq of the imagined WMD’s. When there proved to be none, our mission was changed to rid Iraq of it’s evil dictator Sasdam.

6. Then we achieved the new goal. Saddam and his sons are dead. The regime was overthrown. We still did not leave. Our new stated mission was to install a democratic government similar to our own. This goal has not and will not be achieved. The administration will not admit that we are now in the center of a civil war, which has gone on unabated for thousands of years. So we continue to waste the precious lives of our military for a goal which is not attainable!!

Being a Vietnam veteran, I always support our troops! However, I do not support this mission. Hence, we who are of a like opinion, are labeled defeatists, and traitors! Since when has putting the lives of our troops first become treasonist?

It was this administration who sent them in with inadequate armor and vehicles.

It was this administration that sent then in preemptively without an end plan.

It was this administration that sent them to war with inadequate support staff.

It is this administration which won’t allow the caskets of our war dead to be shown, for fear it will outrage even more.

It is this administration which utterly disregarded most suggestions of the Iraq study group and of its leading generals in the field!

Yet Cheney has the utter audacity to state that Senator Reid’s comments were “Uninformed and misleading”!

No Mr. VP it is your very own statements over these past 6.5 years which have been totally uninformed and misleading. This war is and always has been about oil, which they they will never admit.

It’s sometimes totally amazing to me that VP Cheney suffers from heart problems, because his behavior would most often indicate that he doesn’t have one!!

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