Mike Gravel For President!

Just kidding, but the best line of last night’s Dem debate, uttered by former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska: “Some of these people up on this stage scare me.”

LOL. What a nut, but it was the only interesting moment, frankly, in a debate that was short on specifics and long on yucks. Actually the best part of the debate was Gravel’s post-debate interview with Tweety Mathews, when Tweety asked where he’d been the last 30 years Gravel said, “living under a rock.”

Seriously, anyone else see the debate? I thought Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden came off rather well, which is good news for Dodd and Biden. They moved, imo, up from second tier status to viable alternatives. But Clinton and Obama held their own and proved why they are the front runners at the moment. Both were poised, sharp and looked presidential.

It was a bad night for John Edwards, who looked very uncomfortable and strange (what was up with that gazing into outer space look he did when asked who his moral leader was?). And for a dude who just received a $400 haircut, yikes, you got ripped off, John.

Bill Richardson looked out of his league as he stumbled several times (and broke out in an unsightly flop sweat) on facts and statements. I was duly unimpressed with him, despite all the “gregarious” hype surrounding his campaign so far.

Gravel and Dennis Kucinich offered comedic relief, though I thought their bomb-throwing tactics did make some interesting points (especially Kucinich’s chiding “It’s inconsistent to say you’re against this war yet vote to continue funding it,” a great dig at Obama, Clinton, Dodd and Biden).

Male chauvinist alert: Did anyone else see Dennis Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth Harper, during his MSNBC interview afterwards? Let’s put it this way: my wife blurted out “No way!” according to Wikipedia she’s his third wife and was born in England…in 1977. Dude!

That’s about it. Not a bad night, over all. I’m certainly looking forward to the Republican debate next week.

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16 Responses to Mike Gravel For President!

  1. democrafty says:

    “No way!” was what I said when I saw their wedding pictures a couple of years ago. *shrug*

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    This feedback seems more to the point than the other stuff I’ve seen. Thanks.

    It’ll be interesting to see if you can be as impartial next week. I shudder to even think what that’s going to be like.

  3. battlebob says:

    Why do you say that is I don’t think anyone here has a real dog in this hunt.

  4. battlebob says:

    I thought Obama was his usual short on specifics.
    Hillary was pretty good. Her massive and capable staff may be paying off.
    I thought Edwards was being thoughtful about his answer. He gave the most information about what he wants and did his best to get his vision across.
    Dennis comes off as a whiny kid with a hot wife.
    Gavel had some pretty good moments and went from zero to maybe getting into second gear. He still has a long way to go.
    Richardson has the most experience and seems to me to be the most capable. He always looks uncomfortable. Us fat guys sweat a lot.
    I don’t remember anything about Biden.

  5. Todd

    LOL! Dude is right – according the Wiki page on his wife she is 31 years younger than Dennis.

    I missed it because we had a school thing, but I was listening to Thom Hartman and then Randi Rhodes.

    Hartman explained that Richardson appears to be a “kinetic” person and it’s all all about absorbing things and feeling. He explained that kinetic people don’t come across good on TV but better in person. made me think of JK.

    Randi noted that Edwards couldn’t explain the hedge fund good enough for her and she didn’t need to hear the son of a mill worker routine coupled with the $400 haircut.

    Glad I missed it – we have months and months to go!

  6. Darrell

    I think we’re all pretty impartial around here still… with JK out none of us are ready to make a choice. Personally, I’m too busy getting my daughter’s college stuff straightened out. Come fall when she’s off to school, I’ll be starting to think straight again. πŸ™‚

  7. Darrell, I’ll try to be as impartial as I can next week, though it won’t be easy because, y’know, they’re *Republicans* πŸ˜‰

    I tried to be impartial about last night too, but maybe, as Pamela said, Richardson didn’t do t.v. all that well, and as Battlebob said Edwards did better than I perceived. Who knows?

  8. Darrell Prows says:

    I’ll make this prediction right now! It’s going to be tough being an open minded person and not being able to find a single good thing to say about anyone in the bunch.

  9. Darrell

    The problem with all of us (at least myself) is the right guy isn’t running. The bunch don’t hold a candle to JK on the issues in my book. When they do, I’ll be saying good things.

  10. liz thurles says:

    I’m sending Gravel a check tonight. He is the last American standing. People find him humorous. Elect one of the others and see if you’re laughing three years from now.


  11. pen says:

    I watched the debates and other than Gravel and Kucinich it was a bad night.

    Hillary was loud; why Mathews said she kept her tone down is beyond me because she sounded like she was shrieking. She was awful.

    Obama- didn’t look good at all and for all the I’m a newcomer he sounded like a 20 year DC politician. If he really thinks people are ready to be bipartisan after 8 years of bush he is fooling himself.

    Edwards was worse and confirmed that he was a lightweight in 04 and he is still a lightweight. When he said we will hunt them down and destroy them (paraphrase) come on did anybody really think he looked serious enough to do it. And I agree the 400.00 haircut was money wasted.

    Richardson looked slimy and all I kept thinking was New Mexico 04 when he refused the recount and nobody in the press or on the dem side holds him to account for it.

    Dodd- He just aint’ going to cut it.

    Biden- he took credit for several of Kerry’s initiatives the most blaring was leading the fight against alito. I just hollered at that one because he and harry reid and the other dems were made that Kerry fought the alito nomination and made them go on record.
    Biden still has that lying problem.

    Gravel started off good then he kinda exploded all over the place but he pegged the others on stage just right.

    Kucinich- he told them the truth you can’t be against the war and still fund it.

    Williams- he could have asked some better questions.

    None except Kucinich and gravel answered the actual question they were given. That pisses me off for god sakes why can’t they answer the questions?

    Hill and Obama were the worse about that and the dems are so blame giddy about them being pres.

    I wished Gore and Kerry were up on the stage so we could have had a real debate.

    JK and Gore were truly missed and its a blame shame that the dem party would rather back-stab them and say they had a chance than going with the best. After all most of the candidates on the stage took credit for things Kerry did in the last few years and the msm is letting them get away with it.

    I say we don’t let them get away with it.

    Hillary ran the whitehouse for 8 years she had her chance to.

    It was sad to see that debate. People, including myself are already sick of the hill, obama, edwards and the 08 election.

    As I’ve said before, dems better worry more about having a filibuster proof margin in the senate than who sits in the whitehouse.

  12. Indie Liberal says:

    “I wished Gore and Kerry were up on the stage so we could have had a real debate.

    JK and Gore were truly missed and its a blame shame that the dem party would rather back-stab them and say they had a chance than going with the best. After all most of the candidates on the stage took credit for things Kerry did in the last few years and the msm is letting them get away with it.

    I say we don’t let them get away with it.”


    I am still hoping that Gore will change his mind and jump in, though it is unlikely he will cause he seems happy now with promoting the environment. I too share your opinion that he and Kerry’s presences were sorely missed in this debate and 08 campaign.

    Rev. Al Sharpton summed it up best: It’s looks more like the candidates are running for American Idol, more than for president. Most of the Kerry peeps agreed that Kerry would have blown them all away in this debate, and now they are (stealing) taking credit for his and Gore’s ideas.

    It’s really pathetic. 😑

  13. Steve says:

    Kerry is a joke. He was good at debates but he’s a brutal candidate. JK in 04 was too busy trying hard not to be controversial. It took candidates like Howard Dean to really push the Iraq issue for the other puppets to follow along. Now we’re seeing the same done by Mike Gravel and this author has the nerve to call him a “nut”. The man who helped release the Pentagon Papers which played a huge role in ending the disaster that was the Vietnam war. That’s no nut, that is an American with the balls to speak the truth when the other candidates are too busy “playing it safe”.

  14. Indie Liberal says:

    Hi troll. Bye troll. (LOL!)

  15. greenbean says:

    Remember “Woodstock”? The difference between Iraq War and Vietnam War is the people. Rage and anger of today are no match to the affections of yesterday. Vietnam was even bloodier for both sides, but people managed to protest and talk against it with their reflection of war and peace through the love of nature and mankind.

    Without a sitting incumbent in the presidential race this time around, do the candidates need money more or transcripts of the ‘West Wing’ more? I thought the show was cancelled 2years ago. Rev. Al Sharpton is a good man.

  16. Will says:

    Mike Gravel is the only man for the job. The others cant beat his experience, and he speaks the truth. Its scary to think that some of the front runners actually will win, who knows what will happen to this country if we don’t get somebody with some knowledge in the White house.

    Mike Gravel for president 2008