Mission Accomplished

With less than a half hour before Bush attempts to divert us from the famed codpiece landing on the U.S. Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, and the “Mission Accomplished” banner that was so famously denied to be a White House prop (the story was that the sailors had spontaneously put it up) … and then proven to be a White House prop, consider that there is, perhaps, an ugly truth to that banner.

When Bush landed, the national average for a gallon of gasoline was $1.54. ((And remember that gas prices SPIKED in the weeks before the war, what with international jitters and all. $1.54 was considered and obscenely HIGH price).

Today, in Eugene, Oregon, we’re paying $3.28 a gallon, according to the latest statewide averages. The national average is slightly less than $3 a gallon.

So: the mission may well have been accomplished … If your name is ExxonMobil, or ConocoPhillips, or Halliburton.

Gas has more than doubled here. And the flags have flown at half mast every week or so, for another Oregon kid killed.

You get the idea.


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10 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. Hart

    Gas prices totaly suck down here in L.A. – We’re averaging about $3.40 and up. When I took my daughter to Santa Cruz the weekend before we paid $4.55 a gallon in Big Sur! Ouch.

  2. John says:


    I’ve often had similar thoughts. Many think this president is a miserable failure, but he may have done exactly what he wanted.

    1. Big tax cuts right out of the box in 2001.
    2. Huge oil profits.
    3. Knocked off the Iraqi dictator before sanctions unraveled.
    4. Permanent footprint in the middle east.
    5. Consolidation of power for POTUS.
    6. Remake the Supreme Court.

    For starters.

  3. nabalzbbfr says:

    This is just sour grapes. The US military, under the leadership of President Bush, did win a stunningly quick and virtually bloodless victory in Iraq in spring of 2003. President Bush was entitled to his moment of glory and to honor the valor and skill of our brave fighting men and women, which he did most eloquently. To keep carping about this years later, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, is in very poor taste to say the least. More importantly it denigrates our troops and encourages our enemies. If the Democrats think these cheap theatrics are a winning political strategy, then they are plain nuts. Can you say boomerang?

  4. nabalzbbfr

    The cheap theatrics were played by Bush today, not the Democrats. The troops were denigrated by Bush today, not the Democrats. Sorry you missed that. Most of the population of the United States gets that at this point.

  5. pen says:

    Nabalzbbfr- yeah a stunning victory against a country that had crumbled under sanctions a dictator that couldn’t fly in 2/3 of his country.

    Oh and don’t forget allowed those who attacked us to set up shop in a new land.

    The only people who denigrates the troops are bush and co and people like you support this nut even after you found out he has no plan for victory, no end game for the ear, sent troops over to the dessert with poor equipment or worse no equipment at all.

    Oh, ask the troops who had rats run over them in walter reed in the middle of the night about how well bush honored them.

    Oh and ask a person I know whose son is on his way to his 4th tour of duty in Iraq.

    Have you been yet nabalzbbfr? If not well go sign up since you and you bush lovers believe anything that nitwit tells you.

  6. harto says:

    I guess it doesn’t help to mention that, on top of all the phony rhetoric, he, who fired his budget director for predicting that this war would cost perhaps $200 million (as he fired the generals who predicted our current quagmire) was also posturing as “Mr. Defecit Hawk.” The cost of the war, by the by, just passed $500 billion, or more than 10 times the Administration’s original highball prediction.

    He, whose Administration literally LOST $9 billion is complaining about these horrible “earmarks,” of $21 billion, which include such “frivolous spending” as “$4 billion above Bush’s request for the Pentagon, almost $2 billion for health care for veterans and $2.3 billion for homeland security.

    “Bush and his GOP allies in Congress are expected to eventually concede to the extra Pentagon money, which goes for military housing, National Guard and Reserve equipment and mine-resistant vehicles [and] additional funding for medical care for veterans and active duty troops …” [AP]

    I guess blatant hypocrisy by the worst financial mismanager in the history of the United States is hardly worth mentioning.

  7. Darrell Prows says:

    The right winger says that we’ve already won a victory in Iraq. That makes it unanimous then. All of our folks need to come out of there immediately.

    It’s wonderful to hear that little Georgie is a far better President than it looks like.

  8. Darrell

    I agree. If we’ve won already – bring them home.

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