First Named Storm Hits East Coast

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Early storm lashes Carolinas coast

Ignoring the calendar and history, a strong storm system which has lashed the Carolinas coast all week surprised forecasters this morning and turned into the first named storm of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season….

This is three weeks ahead of schedule, but the news stories are all quick to point out that it’s happened before, implying, of course, that there’s no reason to suspect any inconvenient truthiness about “Global Climate Change” or whatever they’re calling it these days.

And, for goodness’ sake, don’t lump it in with that Force-5 hurricane in Kansas. Just because they are extremely rare doesn’t mean anything.

One merely wonders precisely HOW MANY of these unconnected events, coincidences and “not the first times” we’ll have to see before denial ceases to be the heart of any weather-related story. You might try watching this evening’s coverage and noting every denial added to the coverage for no meteorological nor news reason whatsoever.


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2 Responses to First Named Storm Hits East Coast

  1. I can tell you this much, I am feeling Deja Vu big time! Down here in Katrinaland, we already hit 90 degrees at the end of April. Talk about having flashbacks! With the same old thing going on in Kansas with the Democratic female governor, who just happens to have the first name of Kathleen, it’s scary to say the least. I have to start with the full tank of gas at all times again, and ain’t it special how much the prices happened to go up at this time? The prices were not up this much before Katrina. So if we get hit again in my area, brace youself for gas to top $4 a gallon.

  2. harto says:

    Well, it hit that in San Francisco this week.