Blogger Highlight: Bloody Pond

The newest contributor to The Katrinacrat Blog, came in with this post that brings past to future. The way it is presented, makes you think you are in a history class. Then he takes it home with Iraq. A job well done by the Reaper. A step well above the joke that he tried to do and mentioned. 😆

So my joke was not well received. Blushing now….okay, so I’m not! I thought it was funny. I’m not going to tell jokes this time. I have a tale to tell. The Reaper is taking you back in time. A time of war, and a time of horror. A war that divided our nation. A war that brought you the BLOODY POND!

Just look at the name, and you know it was hell on earth. During the battle of Shiloh, Bloody Pond became a name that would forever be attached to the brutal reality of war. It was reported that the shallow pond became the last source of water for wounded soldiers of both sides. The area and the pond, was littered with dead soldiers and horses. Coming to get a last drink of water, soldiers died there among their fellow Americans. They died drinking from the shallow water of a pond stained with the blood of fellow Americans. The pond turned red from the blood of the fallen soldiers!

That is the reality of war. War should never be taken lightly, and should never be a war of choice. Iraq is a war of choice, and we need to get our people out of that CIVIL WAR before they have to taste the bitter waters of their own Bloody Pond! We had our own Civil War! TROOPS HOME NOW!

Pictures from Kerosene Bomb

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One Response to Blogger Highlight: Bloody Pond

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Here’s a question that I’ve seriously wanted enlightenment on for some time. Given the fact that veterans are the only ones among us who know what war is, why do soldiers, veterans, and veterans groups pretty consistently show a preference for trigger happy presidents?

    I understand the necessity of national defense, but there have been numerous times when I was opposed to wasting american lives and the military was in favor of being deployed.