A New Communications Channel and a Post to Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards made a post at Dkos about Yearly Kos. Late in the game I made a substantive post that I hope catches the eye of someone in the Edwards or other campaigns.

I fully believe there is a new communications channel that can be created for a candidate or organization. This new channel is a Direct One-on-One Voter Communications channel.

The following is an edited portion of the original comment:

<>But your campaign, and the others, are also missing the ability to create an entirely new type of direct one-on-one voter communincations channel.

I believe the other type of ‘spin, which really isn’t spin, is using a campaign video blogger whose primary job is to get the off-cuff remark or reply from Senator Edwards on the days campaign or some attack or news or ?. A comment from a tired candidate about the days news or the days campaign is a powerful expression of reality.

This is one-on-one communication in the most authentic manner. Your campaign stumbled onto the power of ‘non-staged’, non-‘produced’ video with the pre-announcement in New Orleans.

Watch that video again with the sound off and you will see a purely authentic communication. It wasn’t a ‘hollywood’ or studio production. It was simply a man talking to the people who watch the video in a one-on-one communication.

Video is like that…it’s one-on-one communication. I’ve been trying to get the word out on this tactic yet I find the Communications people disinterested. I think this is likely because it hasn’t been done previously.

Senator Dodd has hired a video blogger, I’m sure at the urging of Tim Tagaris, but I doubt they are using it for more than broadcasting video’s of events. Your campaign is doing the same essential thing but using publicly available footage.

Letting the Senator communicate directly with voters, with no news editor cutting the comment down to 20 sec’s or no reporter only giving part of the story... would allow the Senator to fully express himself. The Senator speaking directly, (in the most informal surroundings…off the cuff), without outside editing, could be a terribly powerful tool.

This has the secondary effect of forcing the media to watch YOUR channel and get their news there instead of the the other way around. This could be a major change in communications tactics.

Done off the cuff with a handheld small cam..then uploaded to the 23+ sites for video now could create an entirely new channel of direct communication.

I’m putting this into this thread very, very, very late in the post. I hope you see it as I’ve not had success getting campaign response.

<> Senator Edwards knows how to communicate with authenticity. I believe that’s the most important character trait that the voters are looking for in this election.


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4 Responses to A New Communications Channel and a Post to Elizabeth Edwards

  1. ttagaris says:

    Don’t sell me short, Stuart. We got bigger and better ideas than just broadcasting events. Come on now!

    Hope all is well,


  2. Tim

    Welcome to the Dem Daily. Personally, I’m impressed with Senator Dodd’s position on the issues. Keep the bigger and better ideas coming.

  3. Stuart ONeill says:


    Couldn’t sell you short if I tried. I was thrilled when I saw the video blogger news.

    Hell, I was going to contact you anyway on the same subject…but you beat me to the punch!

    And I’m also happy that you made The Big Show.

    Personally I think the direct communications channel could be the way for a candidate to breakthrough the media noise.

    Good luck, bro….

    You’ll be hearing from me.

  4. Stuart ONeill says:


    When I met with Steve Young to discuss CA-48’s Special Election at our very first lunch, he asked me about how political blogging worked etc.

    I gave him my opinions and he asked, “Who’s the best?”

    I answered, “Truthfully, Tim Tagaris.”

    Tim and I eventually discussed him coming out but his schedule didn’t permit.

    Senator Dodd became viable, IMHO, when he hired TT and his ability to breakthrough the media noise and create interest.

    That’s how much I think of Tim Tagaris.