Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Warning: The following is snarky and may be viewed by some as offensive. If you are prone to making homemade Napalm in the name of Jesus, do not go any further, as you might be offended. This message is brought to you by The Katrinacrat. This not intended to be viewed as the way of thinking at The Democratic Daily. Even if they laugh! We are fighting them over there, so you can Napalm us here. Can you feel the love?

The American Taliban strikes again, and it was at Liberty University none the less. A 19 year old member of the American Taliban was arrested after authorities were alerted by a relative. Five of the devices were found in the trunk of his car. Made of “gasoline and detergent”, the devices were described as “slow burn” by a law enforcement official. Assisting the Virgina State Police in the investigation, is the ATF(Bureau of Booze, Smokes, and Gats), along with the FBI(Federal Bureau of Intimidation). Three other suspects are being sought, and among them, “is a high school student” and a “soldier from Fort Benning, Ga.”

Even in death, the Rev. Jerry Falwell rouses the most volatile of emotions.

A small group of protesters gathered near the funeral services to criticize the man who mobilized Christian evangelicals and made them a major force in American politics — often by playing on social prejudices.

A group of students from Falwell’s Liberty University staged a counterprotest.

And Campbell County authorities arrested a Liberty University student for having several homemade bombs in his car.

The student, 19-year-old Mark D. Uhl of Amissville, Va., reportedly told authorities that he was making the bombs to stop protesters from disrupting the funeral service. The devices were made of a combination of gasoline and detergent, a law enforcement official told ABC News’ Pierre Thomas. They were “slow burn,” according to the official, and would not have been very destructive.

73 year old Falwell, known as the “father of the Christian conservative movement” made the world a better place last week, when he took on a “cut and run” policy with life. Like the poison he was, he continued his legacy through others. Haters and bigots in the name of GOD. Even his funeral, became an example of religious fanaticism. It is also worthy of note that:

No national Republicans attended Tuesday’s funeral, including none of the GOP presidential candidates. All said they were too busy.

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4 Responses to Who Would Jesus Bomb?

  1. LMAO!

    It speaks volumes that GOP distanced themselves from him – flip floppers that they are.

  2. Pamela, did I come off as snarky? 😆

  3. Buzz says:

    I, as a 63 year old gay American, remain a member of the only miniority group still politically correct to hate. The “Reverend” Jerry Falwell’s legacy will be one of hate and intolerance. Hate is never moral and hence his “Moral Majority” itself was never moral. In 1997 Jerry Falwell stated, “Someone must not be afraid to say, moral perversion is wrong. If we do not act now, homosexuals will own America! If you and I do not speak up now, this homosexual steamroller will literally crush all decent men, women, and children who get in its way and our nation will pay the price!” Gosh, I am so suprised. I didn’t realize my minority group was on any campaign to own America. In fact I always have considered myself a decent man. I served in Vietnam, worked as a state social worker for 26 years, support charities who care for the homeless, and am the sole care giver for my 88 year old mother who suffers from Alzheimers Disease. But, of course none of these, in the late “Reverend” Falwells mind would qualify me as decent because I happen to be gay.
    What truely amazes me is that the media too is also permitted to spread homophobia with total impunity. Michael Savage, a nationaly syndicated radio talk show host, said the following when he realized a caller was gay:
    “So your one of those sodomists? You should get AIDS and die you pig. Your a piece of garbage, go eat a sausage and choke on it. Why are you upset sodomite, didn’t you have a busy enough night at the bath-house.” Mr. Savage, on his “Savage Nation” continues to spew such hate on his radio show each and every night. Isn’t it amazing that Don Imus was drummed off the air, largely due to the efforts of Al Sharpton, and yet people like Mr. Savage are given a free pass?
    Hateful words are frequently the catalyst for hateful actions. The much publicized, brutal murder of Matt Shepard in 1998 was a hate crime motivated by the teaching of homophobia. Suicide remains the leading cause of death among gay teenagers. Yet, ministers and talk show hosts, feel no responsibility for these deaths.
    Pat Robertson stated, “Many of those involved with Adolph Hitler were Satinists, many of them were homosexuals, the two things seem to go together, it is a pathology, it is a sickness.” I wager that the “Reverend” Robertson doesn’t know or care to know that, along with the Jews, over one million gays were also exterminated in Hitler’s concentration camps.

  4. Darrell Prows says:

    For nearly thirty years, I’ve advocated for a “Right To Privacy Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution. Getting it done would douse the flames of nearly the entire culture war.