Better hope we have no storms!

Take a close look at this pic. What do you imagine will happen if the gulf coast gets a hit like we did in 2005? After Katrina, gas in my town got up to $2.99 a gallon after the storms. That was with a shortage! Having to wait in lines to get some. At those that actually had it to sell. $2.99 a gallon is what I paid for the first gas I was able to get after Katrina, and this is what the price is now. A day or two later, it went up! It is now up to around $3.09 a gallon at the nearest station. This in an oil producing state. Better buckle up folks, it’s going to get nasty if we get hit again.

Unleaded: $3.074

Unleaded Plus: $3.224

Premium Unleaded: $3.374

Hope you don’t have plans to do a lot of travel. With the latest forecast on storms, you might have to hock your eldest child to afford a trip after this is over. Click on the pic to enlarge. OUCH!

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5 Responses to Better hope we have no storms!

  1. This is the last pump I drove up to to put gas in my car. This is real! I keep the camera with me at all times for Bayou Blogging. Where I stick Impeach signs and other slogans up. Gotta get a pic to send to The Freeway Blogger for the work I do.

  2. Donnie

    It’s far worse here in Los Angeles. I have to fill up today and prices are averaging $3.50 a gallon for regular. OUCH!

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    What if we were serious about bringing down the market price for crude oil, the pump price for gasoline, etc? What if we were serious about reducing oil consumption, in recognition of the fact that doing so would start to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions? What if we were smart enough to understand that none of these sorts of things can be accomplished painlessly?

    Would we then give serious consideration to starting a rationing program?

    It’s really just a matter of math and will power. How much gasoline would we like to consume (and this number can be stepped down over, say, a five year time period to help manage the impact)? How many of us are there? We each get coupons for our share that would be freely transferable. The base pump price would be low simply because the industry would be trying to sell more product than the society had decided to permit the consumption of. And the price of coupons in the secondary market would be something like a function of how many lower income folks saw them as a ticket for other economic gains compared to how many higher income folks just couldn’t live without their motorized toys.

    Is this a miracle solution to several very serious and interrelated problems? Obviously not. But show me some other plan that would be better at doing what we need done.

  4. battlebob says:

    We are paying $3.65 a gallon for the lowest grade unleaded gas in Grand Rapids, Michigan…

  5. ifk editor says:

    It’s gonna take $5-10 a gallon before Americans really wake up and change their habits.

    We love to complain about the price, but do we as a nation drive any less…no.

    In the mean time buy stock in oil companies to hedge against the money being sucked outta the rest of the economy.

    Also, sadly we send a large portion of that profit to middle east countries, who are happy to take our money and fund anti American activities.

    I love my pedal powered bike! Especially when I bike by the gas station and it reads $3.399