The Party of Lincoln

For those who read blogs, the screaming red flag has been raised by the casual dismissal by Monica Goodling of the term “caging list” as just “a direct mail term,” last week during her congressional testimony.

Caging is a felony, and Goodling essentially admitted that said felony was engaged in by officials of the Justice Department.

(Perhaps that should be the “Justice” Department, henceforth.)

Greg Palast is all over the place, because he exposed the whole scam long ago, and even has the major players named in his book ARMED MADHOUSE. Rightly so.

And, for the non-lawyer, who only knows about truth, and not how it can be made — as all lawyers seem to instinctively ooze — to go away under a rash of “reasonable sounding” rationalizations, distortions and lies … for the non-lawyer, “caging” is a technique used to weed out opposition voters.

As practiced by the putative “Party of Lincoln,” caging has been used almost exclusively to suppress black voters. The RNC is operating under a consent decree, having been caught engaging in this felony. But, with election law (as in my own state) no one dares to enforce even the most egregious violations, lest they be called “partisan.”

Which brings us back to the “Justice” Department and their Grand Imperial Wizards (Rove?).

If you would like to search the news media for any clue as to the crime that Goodling essentially admitted, here is what’s in the news:

Google News search:

“Monica Goodling” = about 67,300
“Monica Goodling” caging = 40
“Caging list” = 20

Oh, and EVERY one of those 20 and 40 were blogs, with a couple of FOREIGN sources.

Not ONE WORD in the so-called “Mainstream” media.

And they wonder why that horrible blogosphere is overwhelming them.

And they still are happy to refer to the GOP as “The Party of Lincoln.”

With a straight face.

As if that weren’t the most horrible joke in the world.


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