The Dept of Defense in More Body Armor Nonsense

Just last week the Department of Defense again affirmed their choice of body armor manufacturers. They rejected Dragon Skin in favor of the current use of Cerdyne Corporation ceramic plate body armor. It was their contention that Dragon Skin, which is the body armor of choice for all private military contractors, Special Forces worldwide who are allowed to buy their own equipment, as well as executive protection specialsts at home and abroad, had failed their internal testing. Dragon Skin has produced their own testing repeatedly to show that they exceed every standard of the military.

Now we have a video to judge for ourselves the value of Dragon Skin body armor. I know several private contractors and SpecOps professionals. They use Dragon Skin. That says enough for me. Watch for yourself.

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One Response to The Dept of Defense in More Body Armor Nonsense

  1. Ginny Cotts says:

    Maybe this will bring the Millitary equipment procurement process into investigation. The primary location of excessive fat in the budget has always been the Pentagon. The cuts in that budget are to the employees and maintenance of equipment.