Voter Caging – The Plot Thickens

Thursday, in retrospect, may well turn out to have been the turning point on the road to impeachment: Tim Griffin, Karl Rove‘s right hand man … well, let Greg Palast write the lead. After all, he broke the story:

US Attorney Resigns Following Conyers’ Request for BBC Documents
Published June 1st, 2007 in Articles

by Greg Palast
June 1, 2007

Tim Griffin, formerly right hand man to Karl Rove, resigned Thursday as US Attorney for Arkansas hours after BBC Television ‘Newsnight’ reported that Congressman John Conyers requested the network’s evidence on Griffin’s involvement in ‘caging voters.’ Greg Palast, reporting for BBC Newsnight, obtained a series of confidential emails from the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign. In these emails, Griffin, then the GOP Deputy Communications Director, transmitted so-called ‘caging lists’ of voters to state party leaders… MORE

And, Dahlia Lithwick over at Slate wrote a hell of a companion piece:

Raging Caging
What the heck is vote caging, and why should we care?
By Dahlia Lithwick

…If Palast is right, Griffin and vote caging open the door to explaining the White House involvement in the U.S. attorneys purge. And the White House–not the Justice Department–has always been the least-understood part of this story. So, let’s bake up some of those warm, crusty subpoenas. Last week was the first time most of us heard about vote caging. It shouldn’t be the last. MORE.

But I have news for our super sleuths: according to another super-sleuth, ‘Becky,’ you will get more hits if you enter “voter cadging” than if you enter “voter caging.”

So, Griffin instantly resigns, and it turns out that the Bushies SENT all those incriminating emails to, and NOT The owner of the (hilarious) parody site turned out to be a friend of Palast’s and turned over all the incriminating emails to Palast and his BBC investigative team.

I guess Rove isn’t quite the “super genius” that he’d like to believe. More like Wile E. Coyote.

Take a look at one of Griffin’s ‘caging’ emails dug up by Greg Palast — the investigative reporter working for the BBC because he can’t find a job in the US media. Like CBS Evening News, who failed to even report on Monica Goodling’s testimony (although even the ‘700 Club’ did), according to Media Matters.


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