Jerry Lewis, CA-41, to Retire Under Fire?

A relatively shocking prediction from Novak:

According to Novak, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), “who has been criticized on ethical grounds, will not seek a 16th term next year.”
“Lewis came under fire last year for pouring millions of dollars worth of earmarks into his heavily Republican southern California district. He has not apologized and vigorously defended himself behind closed doors in the House Republican Conference.”

The federal website for Lewis, CA-41, is nearly inactive. The last post on the front page is March 13, 2007. Odd that he would be that inactive. He has had zero effective opposition in my memory. It may be unlikely that he will leave office voluntarily. He is entrenched and well-funded.

It is a very, very large district and heavily Republican. If Novak is correct and it was an Open Seat race, a Democrat might have a chance. It would need to be a well-funded campaign. CA-41 has been growing in population and it is changing the electorate. It may be time for a good candidate to take up the challenge.

Joe Baca, CA-43, a Democratic Congressman in San Bernardino, CA, has a solidly Democratic district in the neighboring area. [Hat Tip to Political essential daily read…]

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3 Responses to Jerry Lewis, CA-41, to Retire Under Fire?

  1. patrick says:

    Tim prince will be our man challenging the corrupt Jerry Lewis!

  2. Pierre says:

    I am sure that the Republicans have a croney primed and greased up ready to slide into the breach. No matter what the qualifications are, as long as they put someone in there that physically resembles the previous “ballboy” for the team. With the endorsements from Lewis (can you endorse someone from prison?). The other neocon clones are depending on the gazillian Redlands churches, herding blindly the blue haired voters for non-intellectual review and “Do I vote for him? Do I put my mark here?” vote. As they are being directed by special monitors at the polls.

    What do the democrats have? If we see face pressed against the store window leaving greasy smudge prints, eagerly jumping up and down yelling Me! Me!. How cute. Let’s , before we say “Aw…how cute!” Let’s check where they get the funding and other types of backing before we sigh a breath of relief. Before we pick a “mere possibility” lets make sure we are NOT being set up by the Republican. I don’t like what we have so far.

  3. Stuart ONeill says:


    You better get busy and at least get some money so this guy can get a decent website. FrontPage and Campaign Builder won’t get it done even for a beginning stage. Professionalism will help with fundraising.

    Try for the latest in campaign sites and technology.