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From Peacechick Mary, comes this power post! When you think about Fathers Day, remember all the people in Iraq, and those that have no father because of the war of choice. Remember all the women like Pamela that are raising children without a father. With or without a war, women raising their children have a rough time of it. Without another parent, the job is beyond the norm. Women with a small way of income, often find themselves in a bind when it comes to an economy based on the conservative values. When those very same women speak out about the economy, they are often dismissed, and it is treated like they are in that situation because they have not done enough.

So what happens when the same is said about someone in Iraq? What happens if the kids have a father, and he is detained, for what ever reason? I think this highlight tells all. Have we lost our souls? I think so. Our government not only does not care about us these days, but has less care for the many kids that are ruined by this war.

This photo of an Iraqi Dad trying to comfort his child is one of the saddest images to come from this hideous war. You could substitute a Katrina Dad or the Dad of a motherless child due to war casualty or a Dad of a child dying for lack of food or medical care. The photo speaks of the inhumanity in our culture and in our leaders. Where has compassion gone? When did loving care of the little ones die? When did cruelty and ruthlessness as a national image become acceptable?

I am unable to reconcile our current state of affairs with what we could be and have a right to be. I long for a caring and peaceful nation to call my own. It is because of this schism in my mind that I have made a conscious decision to examine the politicians vying for leadership with a totally non-partisan mind and this time, I will vote my conscience. My vote will be my true representation, filled with hope and a desire for Peace.

In the past, people have warned me that if I voted for an independent or someone on the fringe of the Democratic Party, I would possible split the vote and the vile opposition would win. This time, I am making my vote represent me – 100% me. I will research the candidates and do my homework and make my voice count through the real process of Democracy – even if there is only one scrap of democracy left dangling in the wind.

How about you? Who are you? What do you stand for or stand up for? If you don’t what will happen?

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One Response to Blogger Highlight: Peacechick Mary

  1. elmercreek says:


    Great post. If you vote your conscience then your vote is not wasted. If everyone did this then it would be a different political landscape. Voting against someone and not for someone is a wasted vote.

    Democracy cannot prosper if true voices are not heard.