Sure you stopped drinking!

Big Hat Tip to Hilly

I make no secrets about my beer drinking. It is part of my heritage down here. We have more festivals than you can imagine. We have the second only to New Orleans, Mardi Gras here in Houma. We are a drinking society here. We are very social, and thrive on social gatherings. It’s our heritage! So when we have a gathering, chances are that the brew will be close by. It’s social, like I mentioned before. But for some, they go out their way to pretend that they are ‘born again’ and ‘stopped drinking’ after they found the Lawd. Dubya is one of those morons that claim to have found the Lawd, and he is now sober. But as have been shown in the past, he is just the biggest liar! Photo proof is out there.

That does not look like orange juice there buddy! I see Miller Lite, and some more iced down in a bucket in the back! BTW, you look retarded! But some may ask if this is just one time. Well, we get to the pic I got from Hilly! Feast your eyes on this!

That’s not praying he’s doing my friends, That bastard is drinking, and he is supposed to be the leader of the free world. That is what we have to represent us in the presence of foreign dignitaries! That is is your born again president. Someone that has admitted to having a problem, and this is the truth. Feel safe yet?

Update: Stuart has more on this.

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2 Responses to Sure you stopped drinking!

  1. Ginny Cotts says:

    Now, now, let’s not get excited. Other pictures, uncropped, show the bottle – which apparently is recognizable as non-alcoholic.

    That expression across the table from Putin? Hey, the guy has jet lag.

    He’s in Europe, can he still reach THE BUTTON? I mean, it isn’t really a button. It’s a code that only he has and some other people have codes that also have to be registered. Something like that.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    About the only thing left that could inject a little humanity into this guy would be if he did fall off of the wagon. Maybe they’ll steer him around and point him in the right direction like happened with Reagan at the end.

    And he was “too sick” this morning to join the rest of them.