Jumping Off The Bush Falling Off The Wagon Bandwagon

Much as I disbelieve that George W. Bush reformed himself from his well-known frat-rat coke-head, drunk-cum-stoner persona by handing his life to Jesus, I also believe in equal measure in being careful about a story that, while plausible, may well represent a bit of understandable conclusion-jumping.

This picture of Bush clearly drinking something that LOOKS like a beer has made the rounds in the past day, including here. (And here.)

And, while I cannot say that it is NOT beer, the story filed by The DAILY MAIL (UK) indicates that it wasn’t. The lead is certainly interesting, and perhaps intentionally misleading:

Bush taken ill hours after bonding with Blair over a beer
Last updated at 13:17pm on 8th June 2007

Hours after sharing a laugh and a cold beer with Tony Blair, U.S. President George Bush was forced to miss a G8 session on Africa as he came down with stomach ailment…

But here is the kicker from further down the story — and, remember, the story from yesterday has been emended today. So, take all with a grain of salt (and, perhaps lime?).

Although ill, the president did meet for an hour with French President Nicolas Sarkozy but, as a precaution, the meeting took place in Bush’s private room.

Yesterday, as their time as leaders together came to an end, the dynamic duo of George Bush and Tony Blair shared a laugh over a non-alcoholic beer.

Earlier the U.S. President had admitted he was feeling rather “nostalgic” over Tony Blair’s departure.

The Prime Minister, however, said he was too busy attempting deals on climate change and Africa at the G8 summit in Germany to be nostalgic.

However by lunchtime, after a deal of a sort climate change were struck, Mr Blair appeared to have found some time. The two leaders sat down with a cold one and shared a laugh.

The same photo seen on this blog is included in the DAILY MAIL article.

Given the sheer volume of crap that sluices by us, pretending to be ‘facts,’ there is no dishonor in getting a bum steer. But, suddenly the “legitimate” media seems to be turning up the heat on all us “outlaw” bloggers. (Horning in on their territory! The very THOUGHT!) As Becky noted yesterday on Preemptive Karma:

June 07, 2007
Those Hateful, Angry Liberals!

A sudden burst of concern seems to have suddenly popped up about angry, hateful liberals. I first noticed it this morning with Matt Drudge’s link to a self-pitying editorial by Joe Klein in Time (“Beware the Bloggers’ Bile“). But as I read the news today I found several other stories …

The anti-Progressives don’t seem to understand that there is no dishonor in making a mistake, or changing one’s mind. The dishonor is in refusing to admit error and in not learning a damned thing from them. Plural. To err is human, except for the Bush Administration, after all. So what if the “non-alcoholic” beer made Dubya sick to his stomach. At least for a few hours, he knows how we’ve felt for the past six years.

So, I guess we’ll just have to fact check OURSELVES, too. The MSM will continue, no doubt, to manufacture the wildest science fiction fantasies of clean elections, just wars and a glowing economy, but at least we can police ourselves — in lieu of laughing Joe Klein out of the TIME-LIFE building.

Because Joe Klein* is a pointless exercise.


[* As “Anonymous” Klein wrote the supposed roman a clef PRIMARY COLORS. And thought he could hide his anonymity. He couldn’t.]

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One Response to Jumping Off The Bush Falling Off The Wagon Bandwagon

  1. John says:

    Only in America, can I read this hateful BS, made up by some uneducated half wit.

    My God, that’s your President, not some dog.

    You people should be ashamed to call yourselves Americans.

    Please stop your hate – and grow up.

    Or at least stick to something factual, the rest of us live in the real world.