Kerry Says Alberto Gonzales Has Lost the Confidence of the American Public

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) called White House priorites into question Monday over its failure to push the immigration bill last week while fighting to keep Attorney General Gonzales from getting a vote of no confidence from the Senate.

Senator John Kerry voted today to express “no confidence” in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Kerry opposed Gonzales’s nomination to be Attorney General in 2005 and in March called on him to step down for his role in the politically-motivated firing of eight US prosecutors.

“This White House has a bizarre understanding of the fights that are worth fighting,” Senator Kerry said. “They go to the mat for a Texas crony but fail to spend an ounce of political capital to pass a bipartisan immigration bill over conservative opposition. What does it say about this White House’s priorities that they’ll put it all on the line for an attorney general who has lost the confidence of Members of Congress from both parties? Today’s cloture vote put 53 Senators on record against Alberto Gonzales. The White House needs to clear the air and turn the page. The American people deserve an attorney general who will uphold our values and it’s time Attorney General Gonzalez is fired and replaced with someone who deserves this job.”

I like Mike Littwin’s take on this in The Rocky Mountain News

“At this point in his lame-duck career, Bush is lucky if he can guarantee a sunrise.”

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3 Responses to Kerry Says Alberto Gonzales Has Lost the Confidence of the American Public

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    With Johnson back in the saddle the vote for cloture would have been 54. But you can ususally add to that the non-votes also, and there were, like, ten of them.

    When a President can only get the support of 38 Senators, that has historically been a sobering moment.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:


    Agreed, 53-38 is not at all supportive. Especially when even Ted Stevens (R-AK) votes ‘present’…

    For now we can hope that Gonzales feels like a bug under a microscopic and knows better than to pull anymore unconventional AG moves for awhile.


  3. Darrell Prows says:

    He never did anything unconventional on purpose. He has always done the best he could with his second class mind and kinked set of ethics.