Killing our own

I showed up this morning to check up on Donnie. What I saw, shocked me! Since he did the post on the Marines going against the Marine that protested, this was the first time I got to see him. He was nothing like the person I know. He was very livid about this person named Ron, that has attacked again. The man lost a part of himself when he posted against the Marine Corps in that post. It made him ill to do it, and yet he thought it was the right thing to do. If you knew him, you would understand what it took for him to speak out. He reminded me of the old days when he got back. He now has that look that stares off, and is thinking of other things when speaking to you. Something has pissed him off! For the first time in many years, he scared me. He is thinking, and is about to make a move. He’s about ready to start a revolution! Enough is enough, seems to be going through his mind now. Blogger attacks will be soon to come if I know him. I pity the fools that have earned his ire, and receive his anger.

One thing I can tell you about the man, is that he does not know how to quit. He may want to, and say he will, but you will have that man on your ass forever if you piss him off. Loyalty is something that he believes in, but not to the point of letting it cloud his senses. But if it is the right thing to do, then you are in for a fight. I once watched that man pick up someone bigger than himself by the throat. He did it in the defense of a woman, and spoke in a deep voice. He asked the man if he now wanted mercy, or the same treatment he gave to the woman. The man chose mercy, and he gave it to him. He then help to straighten out the guy’s clothes, and told him to go in peace! Now this is where it got funny, he turned around and winked at me. He said that might be known as peaceful aggression in some people’s eyes!

It blew my mind, but I knew then, that he understood that keeping the peace, and protecting people sometimes meant you have to be on the offensive. Some will always want war and try to bring hate to the rest of the world. But we still have some that are willing to give all to help make it a better place to live. That made me think about the rest of the Marines. They are trained to do a job, but down in their souls, they do want peace for us. That does seem to be their job, but if the need arises, they are there to issue out punishment to those that would dare to violate that peace.

It’s no wonder that people still sign up for the Corps. Even in the time of war, being a Marine is something we don’t fully understand. These are people that are brothers forever. How can we ever fully understand that without Marines that are willing to talk to us? We hate this war, but some among us can tell us why people still do it. I not only pity Ron, but I think he is lost. Lost in his own ego, and his own world the he wishes to live in. Some have fought for their lives, and fought for this nation. But all things Ron are the words of the day. How shallow you must be.

So I don’t know the people here yet, but I know Donnie, and if he says you are okay, you must be a great bunch of people. If he leads the charge, I am right behind him. Unlike Ron, Pamela and Donnie are leaders. They try to bring the group together, and that is not the MO of Doc! Biased? You bet your ass I am! You Ron Chusid, suck the big one!

SWOOSH, clean swipe of the blade!

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8 Responses to Killing our own

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    It seems like even bright talented people like Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton turn trigger happy when they hit the Whitehouse. I wonder if it’s just that with the massive military machine that we’ve built, the temptation to use it can become extreme? Or maybe it’s being surrounded by voices saying stuff like “are you going to let them get away with that”? Some freaking despot turns the machete boys loose on women and children of the other tribe, and an advisor says “we can put a cruise missile right up the bastard’s ass”, what do you do? I guess that force can be effective sometimes, but, man, can it get us in trouble.

    Is it ever in our legitimate national security interest to send an occupying force into a country where the majority of the people don’t want us, and where many of them are willing to die to make the point? If, for example, we had left a small force in Viet Nam for a limited number of purposes, we could have soldiers of ours dieing there to this day. Then what? Nike would have one less place to put factories, and we’d be paying a buck or two more for shoes. Oh and China would still be communistic, and Russia still wouldn’t be.

    I know that tennis shoes are not oil, but American blood is still American blood. And Saddam Hussein still wanted to put his oil out on the world market and we wouldn’t let him.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:


    It’s almost like a 16 year old with a Corvette in the driveway.
    It’s THERE, how can they NOT drive it?


    See if you can get Donnie out fishing, blowing a cerebral artery over Dr. Ron is a waste of great gray matter…

  3. You sure know how to make an entrance! Now stop with the bullshit you jackass! Are you trying to inflate my ego? Don’t make me a Ron! 😆

  4. Sandy says:

    I just wanted to add a quick note that some of you know, but some lurkers might not, or might question.

    Ron really is leaving comments in moderation and not allowing his distortions to be corrected.

    I’ve had my problems with Ron and Pamela in the past, and consequently stayed out of their problems with each other. But this latest attack on Pamela goes way over the top and I couldn’t let it pass. Pamela put her heart and soul into the Kerry blog. She was the only blogger who was truly picked up right out of the grassroots and who had no established political consulting ambitions. She was what all the other paid bloggers pretended to be.

    I can understand disgreeing with someone over Palestine or Wicca or, dare I say it, not freeing Mumia. But to discredit their entire existence the way Ron has done to Pamela, well that’s just behavior of the lowest character. I can’t understand how he can say he is interested in the image of the Kerry campaign when he is acting like an insolent five year old. He needs to apologize and delete that entire entry.

  5. I’m a Donnie groupie. So this magnificent shout-out to him is just up my alley.

    Rebel Reaper, you rock!

    Oh, and Donnie, you are the man.

  6. Sandy

    Thanks. Quick question – does anyone else have comments in moderation over there?

  7. Sandy, good to see you again!

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