A Sobering Poll

Look at this poll graphic. What you think is disturbing?


Guess who is in the majority in Congress? We are.

Too many Democrats are assuming a Democratic Victory in 2008. It’s a mistake.
[Hat tip to Polling Report]

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3 Responses to A Sobering Poll

  1. cadmium says:

    Thanks: The worst thing we could do is get complacent. The lead we have in the house is fairly narrow and in the Senate it hangs by a thread–Liebermann still caucuses with the Dems so we have the majority leader and committee chairs.

  2. Please, let us NOT take the knucklehead “spin” on this one.

    The simple fact is that Congress has been “swift boated” very effectively, beginning with the talking points, and moving down the food chain to the press corpse (sic).

    And, we, the “progressives” have been happy to drink the kool-ade, just as we refused to stand up when the Reich Wing (whoops, I meant “Right”) swiftboated John Kerry (again) over the joke.

    This is a result, not a conclusion, and it OUGHT to limn for us just how far we have to go to begin making a dent in the national consciousness.

    The first 100 days of this congress were fine. But by carefully exploiting the Quixotic notion that Congress could just up and end the war, the Democratic majority is now viewed as weak and ineffective and worthy of our contempt.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The Right Wing propaganda machine has done its work, and the poll confirms it.

    In this case, perception is all, but perception is fundamentally distorted BY one party, FOR its own reasons.

    Try Tang instead, but don’t keep falling for their tricks. And please don’t fall into the trap of despair and/or contempt for our own side. Wisdom is a lot more important here than smarts.

  3. Ginny Cotts says:



    Anyone who didn’t read Kerry’s post on Time for Action on Energy, read (or reread) for the comments on the procedural issues that limit what the Senate can do. The House has similar issues.

    Every bill, amendment, etc. that has been defeated or ‘watered down’ has had process problems that the slim majorities could not overcome.

    The lesson to the American voters is, if you want REAL change, you have to vote for a BIG mandate. The impressive aspect of the ’06 vote was that on top of retaking both houses, there were many contests that could have gone to the Dems with a small shift in percentage points. And vice versa.

    Which of course reinforces what too many Americans forget or deny.

    If you want anything, you have to VOTE. If you don’t want to make a mistake in that vote, you have to make a real effort to be informed and think about the information. Not the night before the election.