Saints and sinners, something willing us, to be lord of the flies

Anyone who reads me regularly knows there’s one Right-Wing Nut I often criticize. I’ve even left considerate comments at his place, attempting to start a dialog, as he seems to be well-thought out, if incorrect in his conclusions. But so far he refuses to engage.

But then the bastard posts a piece of manure like this:

But this is not news. It’s been going on for at least a year and nothing we have done or are doing currently is slowing down the momentum of this bloody country careening toward disaster. Yes, things are that bad in Iraq. Our own military says it. Maybe it’s time for the President of the United States to start saying it and at the same time, tell us what he intends to do to stave off disaster.

I would say to my one note lefty friends that removing the troops is not – repeat, is not – the complete answer to this problem. Of course, if your only goal is to see the United States humiliated in order to validate your worldview and make political hay out of the ensuing tragedy then I can see why you’d support such a position. (emphasis mine)

Dammit to Jeebus, this is the kind of dishonesty, and sophomoric logical fallacy that would have gotten an F in Mr. Wiley’s English 101 class I took in ’66 during my first year in Community College. Masking as high-minded logic, it’s nothing more than “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”.

Let me explain this in simple words: We (on the left) oppose the war for the following reasons:

  • American troops are dying and being injured for no benefit to us.
  • Iraqi citizens are dying and being injured for no benefit to us, or them.
  • Billions of $$ are being poured down the drain, for no benefit to us.
  • Freedoms conservatives praise are being curtailed for no benefit to us.
  • Executive power is being enhanced, with no benefit to us.
  • Middle-Eastern security is in tatters, with no…

You idiot, the best way to avoid seeing the United States humiliated would have been to act grown-up before the war and resist it, not fall into the jingoistic rhetorical cesspool that GWBushCo dived into.

We’ve become “Lord of the Flies“: schoolboys fighting, acting like grownups while becoming feral, as if it mattered to the world. The only difference is that in the book, there were grown-ups who could rescue the boys. And what happened on the island had no effect elsewhere.

In our world . . .?

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2 Responses to Saints and sinners, something willing us, to be lord of the flies

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    The right wing actually has one legitimate (albeit minor) point. Typically, however, it’s near impossible to get them to actually speak it out loud as there’s too much hard truth to it. “Our actions in Iraq have set off a chain of events that we have no choice to ride out until the end” would probably say it as well as anything else. And it clearly underlies much of what they feel should be our future course of action.

    While it’s true that we bear ultimate responsibility for a whole world of hurt caused by our initial decision to invade, nothing that I’ve been able to discover indicates that we make the situation either better or worse by choosing to watch events unfold from over here, rather than staying in the middle of that shitstorm.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    “removing the troops is not – repeat, is not – the complete answer to this problem.”

    Since when has removing the troops been the complete liberal answer to this problem?

    This would be a classic example of the mind that cannot listen to the whole argument, and only focuses on what it has an answer for, creating the illusion that it is actually refuting the entire proposal.

    Putting some troops at other Middle East bases where they can be sent back in an urgent situation is not cut and run or abandoning our responsibilities. The true war on terror must be fought all over the world; not just the Middle East and not bypassing America.

    Working much harder to negotiate diplomatic solutions would be pursuing the only option that has the most consensus to be effective in this situation.

    Give Peace a chance. Try the Complete Liberal Solution to the Bush mess. The cons and the neo-cons have yet to come up with anything that is more than a right wing prayer.