Snow Lies Without Blinking

Perhaps someone should tell Tony Snow that news networks tend to record / tape his press conferences. Watch this video of Tony Snow lying about Attorneygate.

Three months ago, Snow: “It’s pretty clear that these things are based on performance and not on sort of attempts to do political retaliation, if you will.”

When a reported asked yesterday, “At the beginning of this story, the President, you, Dan Bartlett, others said on camera that politics was not involved, this was performance-based, but –” Snow answered: “No, that is something — we have never said that.

Yes Tony, that’s called lying.

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3 Responses to Snow Lies Without Blinking

  1. Buzz says:

    It has been evident for a long time that “The Decider” and all in his administration are patholigical liars. It was lies, half-truths, and mis-representations that got us involved in Iraq! Now, 3,500 military deaths later, they are still at it. Has anyone had the nerve to play these two vidios for press-representative, Mr. “Snowjob”? After almost 7 years of blatantly lying to the electorate, why haven’t impeachment proceedings been innitaited for King George? After all, they tried to impeach President Clinton for a sexual indiscretion. Then, surely, the needless sacrifice of over 3,500 troops warrants impeachment consideration!!

  2. Ginny Cotts says:


    I still maintain the whole Clinton witchhunt was to get the American voters and politicians in a frame of mind that would resist another impeachment attempt- especially on the GOP pres they were sure would be elected.

    Sad comment on our society that we don’t consider the facts, just the hype.

    Well, maybe we should addend the old saying:

    If their lips are moving and they aren’t blinking, THEY ARE LYING, AGAIN

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Buzz: As they said on the right at the time, they didn’t go after Clinton over the sex, only over the perjury. As they say on the right at the present time, Libby did nothing wrong because it’s okay to lie as long as no other crime was involved. Their consciousness on matters of this nature has clearly “evolved”.

    Having listened to Tony Snow host on talk radio a number of times over the years, it was clearly to me that he was picked for his current job because he could not only be counted on to lie, but to do it well. In fact, I’m sure that the Whitehouse would have Limbaugh, Hannity, or O’Reilly on the payroll right now if it had the money to get one of them to drop his current gig.