Suspected serial killer called for jury duty

Ronald Joseph Dominique, the suspected serial killer, was picked by a computer to serve on a Terrebonne Parish grand jury. Dominique, is said to have confessed to the killing of 23 men in south eastern Louisiana. He is said to have raped and then killed the 23 victims before dumping the bodies in remote areas. Terrebonne Parish District Attorney Joe Waitz Jr., says he will seek the death penalty. The computer picked 100 potential jurors, and Dominique of all people was chosen!

Houma’s accused serial killer has a special court date, not in connection with his pending murder charges, but his new membership in a rather exclusive club.

The name of Ronald Dominique, who police say confessed to killing 23 men in the bayou region during a nine-year period, was among 100 drawn by computer for service on a Terrebonne Parish grand jury that will be seated July 9.

Dominique will not have too much to worry about though. He is prohibited by state law from serving on a jury while indicted for a crime.

State law prohibits anyone indicted for a crime to serve as a juror, and it is therefore likely that District Court Judge Randy Bethancourt will dismiss Dominique from grand-jury service, if he has not done so already.

Well I sure hope so, it seems to me that having a suspected serial killer on the grand jury might cause trouble for the DA when it comes to bringing charges of murder on someone, when the same man you captured and are trying to put on death row has a vote!

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3 Responses to Suspected serial killer called for jury duty

  1. My thoughts exactly Pamela! But get this, the hits have already started to come in at my blog..with a link. When this guy was first arrested, I saw it before most others. After I posted on it, I saw a surge in hits. BUT!!! The biggest shock was yet to come. FAUX NOISE found out about it, and did a story. All hell broke loose then. Over 500 hits came from it after Faux did the story that one day alone! Kinda makes you wonder huh? That was the biggest day my poor lil blog ever had. They tried to wipe the poor lil blog away. One guess as to where the most hits could be traced from that day?

  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    There’s always weird coincidences when the computer chooses names from a list it generates. Somehow, you would think there might be some ways to check the selections.
    Then again. How many times is this likely to happen?

    Bait for Faux Noise