A Call for Authors

The Political Dogfight has a need for new authors. After hundreds of individual posts I simply do not have time to analyze and write as much as I have in the past.

The Dogfight needs new blood that wants to be published. While The Dogfight has never had as big an audience as DemDaily, it has grown it’s own tone and readers. By being dedicated to facts, Practical Politics and Practical Political Analysis it found it’s own voice.

[It’s worth noting that I took Pamela’s invitation to be published here as a high compliment. The same is true of my invitation at Katrinacrat. BTW Happy Birthday, Katrinacrat! You are one year old today. Best wishes. Love the new design.]

This invitation is officially open. If you’ve wanted a forum for your political voice, whether in print, audio or video, this is your chance. Visit The Political Dogfight. Take a look at the mascots, Hunter Thompson’s immortal commitment to a Gonzo attitude, The V for Vendetta symbol and The Yellow Dog, listen to The Dogfight Theme song and then surf around within the older posts. You’ll get some sense of the site.

I’ve always been very proud of The Political Dogfight and I’ll remain it’s Managing Editor. Now, however, it’s time to take it to the next level with new voices, and soon, a new design. Any takers? Email me here.

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