Why Liberals Should Repudiate The Looney

I’m loathe to bring this up again, but the ongoing skirmish between Pamela and Ron Chusid of the ineptly named “Liberal Values” blog continues to degrade Pamela, this blog, and by association, those of us who us who post here.

Chusid has been gunning for Pamela and DD following his departure from here last summer. As Pamela has built a steady stable of writers and contributors, the “doctor’s” attacks have increased. A history of their falling out can be seen both here and here (with links to his attacks therein).

Chusid makes the claim that Pamela and those of us who post there, in his words, “tolerate anti-semitism, deny the Holocaust, engage in 9/11 conspiracy theories, favor astrology, and believe in ghosts,” to name but a few. None of these, of course, is true (for someone who “doesn’t believe in ghosts” he certainly sees his fair share), but he nonetheless continues to engage in unhinged, unsubstantiated attacks on both Pamela, whom I consider a friend and great blogger, and defacto the other contributors here at the Dem Daily.

I’ve mixed it up a time or two with Chusid here on these pages, easily dispensing with the false premise/straw men/ad hominem attacks he launches whenever a poster disagrees with him (though he seems to drag out the big cannon fire when he’s arguing with women). For someone who subtitles his current blog “defending enlightened thought”, the irony couldn’t be richer, because there’s nothing “enlightened” about character assassination. And there isn’t anything remotely “enlightened” about misogyny and sexism expressed in post after post ad nauseum.

What passes for “enlightened discourse” over there seems to be nipple pictures, followed by a lame defense like “it boosts traffic”.

Of course, after he posted a picture of himself on his blog, all became clear (a friend of mine emailed me and said “you knew a mustache had to be involved somehow,”). But still, no one claiming to be “defending enlightened thought” should be running around typing “She will only get worse until I slam her down a couple of times and shut her up for a while.” Such a big man, he is.

Like a rabid blog with a bone, it’s time to put this one to sleep. I’ve deleted it from my required reading list at AoF and you should as well. It is neither liberal nor of value to grind axes with “ghosts” that don’t exist. And to be blunt, it’s just not cool to beat up on women.

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UPDATE: Welcome Real Clear Politics readers… Here’s The Facts:

Because of the notoriety that the “blog war” between Liberal Values and The Democratic Daily is receiving today via Real Clear Politics, I feel, as owner/editor of The Democratic Daily that it is necessary to clarify the following points…

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4 Responses to Why Liberals Should Repudiate The Looney

  1. Stuart ONeill says:

    Thanks for the needed post. Personal invective shouldn’t be tolerated in any forum. It certainly shouldn’t be considered part of the “Liberal Values”.

    Hinting or stating that posters here at DemDaily, including myself, are included in his list of crazed accusations is an act of attempted personal destruction.

    Attempts at Personal Destruction usually destroy the attacker. People see through the hatred and moral corruption of those that would destroy others.

    ‘Hate Blogging’, like Hate Radio, is the sanctuary of the right wing. It is certainly not the hallmark of liberal values.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    Thanks Todd and Stuart. I have given up on Ron.

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  4. Thanks all… I think we all have better things to do than this.

    And on that note, I treated myself to Bruce Springsteen’s “Live in Dublin” this evening after a late lunch on a movie set with a friend who is a grip. “Live in Dublin” is so darn good I have to go get the DVD now so I can watch it! I highly recommend it.