More on Stem Cell Research

ABC News has an interesting article up about Bush’s decision Wednesday to veto the latest stem cell bill. As ABC points out, Bush may believe that using stem cells for scientific research is immoral, the far majority (68%) of Americans disagree. Moreover, 60% “favor loosening the current restrictions on federal funding for this research, as the legislation Bush has rejected would have done.”

As should be expected, Republicans and Democrats disagree quite strongly with each other on this issue. Only 49% of Republicans “support stem cell research overall,” compared to 80% of Democrats. Now the reason that I believe that Hillary Clinton should make stem cell research an important theme of her campaign: 70% of independents favor such research. If Hillary wants to win the Presidential elections, she needs to win over Independent voters.

Also of interest:

Perhaps surprisingly, religious belief creates somewhat less of a split: Even among evangelical white Protestants, 57 percent support stem cell research, as do three-quarters of nonevangelical Protestants and Catholics alike. And 51 percent of evangelical white Protestants support federal funding for this research, with 45 percent opposed.

Yesterday, I pointed out that I believe that Hillary Clinton should go after Bush aggressively on this issue – at least, that is, from a political point of view. Looking at these numbers, however, makes me think that – perhaps – Hillary would be wise to moderate her tone a bit. If she continues to attack Bush for being anti-science, and if she continues to link stem cell research with, say, evolution, creationism, etc., she might lose support from the above mentioned groups.

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2 Responses to More on Stem Cell Research

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Silly me. I sincerely believed that even most Republicans would disagree with this veto.

  2. For more information on President Bush’s veto of the stem cell research bill, please visit President Bush’s Veto Record or call our hotline at 1-888-VOTE-SMART.