Cheney not part of Executive Department? Please Congress, make it so!

Vice President Harry S. Truman plays the piano as actress Lauren Bacall, perched on the instrument, looks on, at the National Press Club canteen in Washington, Feb. 10, 1945.

After extensively researching the US Constitution this morning before I attacked the crossword puzzle I have discovered that the term Vice President appears in that revered and trusted document and its amendments no less than than twenty four times. In no instance does the term appear near the words “shall be an employee of the executive department,” however, the term also does not appear near the words “shall maintain an office in the White House where he will hold secret meetings with the various “Captains of Industry” and where it will be convenient for him, from time to time, to pick up the President by the ears for a good corrective shake.”

I guess what we have here is something historians call a “Constitutional Mexican toss up” which will be decided by the courts long after the deaths of the parties involved.

I do believe however, that a cursory study of photograph of the Vice President engaged at his duties above will convince even the most disinclined observer that the Vice President has historically exercised executive functions.

If anyone needs further research on this please wait until later, I still have to deal with that puzzle.

Bob Higgins
Worldwide Sawdust

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Lifelong liberal of the Tom Paine wing. Marine Vietnam vet. Have worked as a photographer, cab driver, bartender, carpenter and cabinetmaker. Now retired on a Veterans Disability program I spend my time writing and editing and complaining. Ahh the Golden Years.
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5 Responses to Cheney not part of Executive Department? Please Congress, make it so!

  1. Karen Silver says:

    Please God, can we impeach him and his dummy before they totally destroy the Constitution.


  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    Speaking of them being dead Bob, I think we should include something in the sentencing that will require their brains be turned over to scientists who may find some clues on how to identify people with similar deficiencies in the future.

    This would be best if they were also compelled to cooperate with physical and psychological testing before they die. “Compelled” would be defined by the official military practices under their direction for obtaining information from enemy combatants.

    Oh, if Cheney’s AICD fired during waterboarding, the investigators would not be at risk.

    And speaking of Shooter’s AICD, he was due to have it replaced about now. It would really be ironic justice, with Sicko coming out, if the Dick’s new AICD turned out to be a faulty product of some big medical products corporation raking in huge profits. Failing to fire if needed would be dependent on it being needed. A former patient got one that started firing one day and went off 13 times – apparently none of them needed. Despite what you would expect from that number, the patient (victim?) survived and the unit was reprogramed.

    One of the amusing stories that went with this: the patient was doing yardwork at a mountain home and was, as ususal, thrown to the ground from the shocks. He managed to crawl to the road at the front of his yard, only to watch a neighbor wave at him and drive on by in his truck. The patient seemed like a pretty nice guy, which may explain why the neighbor came to his senses, backed up and helped him get medical help.

    Cheney of course has Secret Service. Still, we might get the crew assigned to Bush on 9/11 on Shooter’s service.

    The audacity of hope.

  3. Robert Stein says:

    As the first self-selected, unelected, disconnected VP, Cheney should serve as a reminder for voters to pay attention when the ’08 candidates pick their running mates:

  4. Darrell Prows says:

    So the dude wears a couple of hats. That doesn’t make him a hybrid anything. That only makes him answerable in several capacities.

    Man, we did all this secrecy shit (officially, “Executive Privilege) during Nixon and the answer was always that everybody is accountable. Ther may be various nuances but there are no free passes.

    And as with Nixon the whole effort is based on having so much that needs hiding.

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