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The following little news item from England tomorrow caught my interest:

Romney finds funds to set the pace
Tim Reid in Washington
From The Times (of London)
June 26, 2007

Being a Mormon from Democrat-leaning Massachusetts would normally be a handicap for a Republican with presidential ambitions, yet Mitt Romney has broken through as a serious contender for his party’s nomination with another massive fundraising haul.

The former Massachusetts Governor, who outstripped his rivals unexpectedly in the first-quarter fundraising race, is set to unveil an equally impressive money haul this week.

This success is now being reflected in the latest polling. After spending $4 million since February on carefully targeted advertising, he leads the Republican field in the crucial early caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Rival campaigns have been forced to concede that he has become a significant force and a genuinely competitive top tier candidate.

Since they are prognosticating what Romney WILL reveal, I offer my prognostication, as well. I refer the reader to last week’s post, “White House For Sale”:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
White House For Sale

Look, we might as well acknowledge it:

The presidency is for sale.

… the frontloading of the primaries has recreated the old Golden Rule of Gilded Age politics: he who has the gold doesn’t need to follow the rules.

And that’s the key: Whoever had the most cash won. George Bush’s backers knew that. They banked on it (literally) by making sure that Bush was so floating in cash that a McCain candidacy — which would have crushed Bush in any prior primary campaign — never got off the ground, because McCain could not possibly raise the obscene amounts of sheer cash needed to be competitive in each state by March of 2000.

… whoever raises the most obscene amount of cash by the end of 2007 will almost certainly win the primary.

What am I bid for a slightly-used governor from a Midwestern state?

I’ll see your Massachusetts and raise you an Illinois.


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6 Responses to Tomorrow’s News Today

  1. Hart

    Romney pulled the funds out of his own cache and he may do so again before the quarterly deadline: Romney gives money to own campaign

    It is truly is “White House For Sale!”

  2. Pamela:

    That is to be expected, but I kick myself for still being naive enough to have had a “holy crap!” reaction.

    You see, I don’t have a problem with Mitt because he’s a Mormon. But that’s going to be the big, stupid controversy that everyone will line up on, rather than: is Mitt Romney just another Republican felon trying to steal an office, or does he have a more profound connection to the Prince of Darkness?

    All right, that’s hyperbolic. But Mitt’s religion isn’t the problem. Mitt’s ethics is. (Or are. One mongoose and send another while you’re at it.)

    If things made any sense, he’d take the John F. Kennedy pledge: I’ll govern from the Constitution and not from my faith. (Too bad Georgie Dubya didn’t take that one, eh?)

    I have a problem with him because he’s an utter weasel. I started keeping tabs on him when he retroactively phonied up his “residency” so he could run for Massachusetts governor. We’d SEEN him living in frigging Utah. The whole “Mitt’s a-gonna save the day” after the Utah Olympic Committee* got caught buying whores and giving expensive “gifts” to get the Winter Olympics — well, that was supposed to launch THIS presidential campaign.

    [*Utah was the first state in the union to decide to use their license plates purely for free blatant mercantile advertising, putting “Ski Utah” on them back in the ’80s. A telling comment on Utahn priorities. Oh, it could be argued that “Sportsman’s Paradise”(Louisiana) and “Famous Potatoes” (Idaho) were advertisements, as well, but Utah raised the bar somewhere past the ionosphere. LA and ID can be forgiven. Did Louisiana advertise “Famous Gin Fizzes”? And after all, what else did Idaho have? “Land of Dead Hemingways”? “Skate Boise”? No: “Geologic Wonderland” we might have shined on, but “Ski Utah” was just creepily over the top.]

    But he couldn’t wait for the Massachusetts residency requirement (which would have upset his timetable), and so they RE-paid their Mass. taxes, amended their Utah ones, obtained whatever phony documents were necessary, and IGNORED the law. Some bullshit Massachusetts “Board” suddenly found that Mitt HAD, miraculously, been in Massachusetts the WHOLE TIME he was running the Winter Olympics (for a couple years, mind), and in a most un-Mormon, but astonishingly Catholic miracle, Mitt was elevated to the governorship of the state whose constitution is the OLDEST constitution in the world, written by John Adams himself, and the model of the United States Constitution.

    And Mr. Romney squatted on that secularly sacred tradition with his $100 million, and defecated on it.

    You know, America isn’t a country: it’s an idea. And people like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Mitt Romney are each, in their way, a living repudiation of that idea. That what America is about is WHO you know, and not at all about who you are.

    They cheated: they broke the law and broke the rules, and now the weasel will say or do anything to get elected. That’s WHO Mitt Romney is. WHO he knows, however, is what they’re telling us is most important. They’ll sell him like Campbells Cream O’Bullshit soup, and even have a contest to write him a jingle.

    Osmond teeth will flash blindingly across America, as Truth and Justice take a powder from the American Way. Rather than Gott Mitt Uns, it’ll be Mitt Got Youse. If it is possible, Mitt Romney offends me more than Giuliani.

    And, unlike Bush, he may actually sincerely believe his own pious B.S.

    Lampreys don’t need any consciousness of evil to behave in a horrific manner.

    And we need that about as much as we all need to floss with barbed wire.

    Still, he looks like the strongest bidder for the Republican nomination. The big wallets might just decide to purchase him. Or not.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Check out his fund raising totals from Utah. After the Mormon Church hand selected him for the highly visible position of “rescuing the Olympics”, I wonder if there could be anything going on behind the scenes now?

  4. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that, Darrell.

    This was all cut from whole cloth: Mitt would rescue the state (and, by implication, the Church) from the whole bribes and whores sewer that they’d fallen into in desperately, no-holds-barred lobbying to GET the Winter Olympics for their license plates. And then Mitt would run for president.

    The news stories of the time made no secret of the “master plan.”

    That was how Mitt was able to “magically” appear as a fata morgana in Utah for two years while his living essence — his katra — was safely left deposited inside Dr. McCoy’s soul* back in Massachusetts, like a tarantula wasp’s larvae are left inside a paralyzed tarantula as a birthday meal.

    (*Warning: parts of this speculation COULD possibly be accidentally transposed from “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.”)

    Any parallels between the tarantula wasp’s interesting reproductive cycle and Romney’s Massachusetts administration are entirely coincidental.

  5. Ginny Cotts says:


    You really are wonderful about telling us how you REALLY feel. And think.

    Personaly, I think the Mormon flap also keeps out the “pretty boy” speculation.

    On your parallels. If you haven’t been reading Harry Potter, it’s another great source of parallels to our current reality.

    Just saw another reference to Dolores Umbridge and I personally cannot see James Carvelle without thinking of Voldemort’s face. ( For a moonbat like me, there has to be a connection 😆 )

  6. Darrell Prows says:

    My morning paper says that Romney raised $1.4 million from his Utah connections last week. His grand total is $4.1 million, and his take from Utah is topped, among the states, only by California (which has the largest population of Mormons among the states).