Fighting the FCC Campaign to Diminish Media Diversity

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR) is sponsoring a national town hall meeting on Why Media Diversity Matters , on Friday, June 29th. Washington D.C. and Denver will host the webcast at 12 EDT, 10 MDT. My email notice is an invitation,

Join author, commentator, and talk show host Tavis Smiley, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, LCCR President and CEO Wade Henderson, and other distinguished speakers for a one-of a-kind event on the importance of media diversity.


For more than two decades, the FCC, the agency that regulates the media, promoted minority ownership and employment in broadcasting, but that progress has been halted. Today, instead of local ownership with a diversity of views, we now have homogenized, cookie-cutter media divorced from local concerns.

A distinguished and diverse panel of speakers in DC and Denver will discuss why every American should be concerned about the loss of the diverse, independent journalistic voices that used to connect our nation, serve our local communities, and provide the foundation for our democracy. RSVP now to find out how you can submit questions that may be answered LIVE!

The Nation had background for this on 6/20 in “The Next Big Fight Over Media Ownership”, and MoveOn is also helping to promote the webcast.

The panel speakers include FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, in DC. That should make it quite interesting and possibly very worthwhile. Given that this is an issue near and dear to my mind and spirit, I will go if my shift is canceled Friday. Hickenlooper has been a very good addition to the political scene here. Feet on the ground, not in his mouth. Talks standard English for the most part.

Anything to get more options than Rush, Coulter and their philosophically challenged cohorts spreading hate and disinformation.

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