Da Man

So I finally got to see the party that the Crazy Hippy Chick had over at her place. Some of the women folk there mentioned a pic of Da Man. So I figured I would be so kind as to show you a couple of pics, since he is under the weather now. The man has been having abdominal pains for almost a week now. So I don’t think he can hit all that hard right now. I bet he forgot all about these!

Notice how dressed up he was that day, he wore jeans with the cammo hat, shirt, and boots! I guess I might have to stay away for a few days after he gets better.


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One Response to Da Man

  1. Rebel Reaper says:

    You might want to take notice, that there are storm damaged trailers in the back ground where he was that day. that’s why you don’t see the typical smile on his face. Just click on the pics, and you will see no smile. That’s one pissed off Marine!