Fighting Back: Rightie E-Graffiti

Rightie e-Graffiti

If we shame them, perhaps they’ll go away.

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About Hart Williams

Mr. Williams grew up in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and New Mexico. He lived in Hollywood, California for many years. He has been published in The Washington Post, The Kansas City Star, The Santa Fe Sun, The Los Angeles Free Press, Oui Magazine, New West, and many, many more. A published novelist and a filmed screenwriter, Mr. Williams eschews the decadence of Hollywood for the simple, wholesome goodness of the plain, honest people of the land. He enjoys Luis Buñuel documentaries immensely.
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3 Responses to Fighting Back: Rightie E-Graffiti

  1. Ginny Cotts says:


    Thanks. Funny how they think advertising on a liberal blog could get them anything but attention they don’t want.

    BTW. Did you see this @Media Matters?

    It really brings back all the arguments that many brought up in ’04 on what would happen if Bush had the chance to appoint more justices to the SC. That was viewed as alarmist and unrealistic.

    Sorry, at this point I feel compelled to say as often and obnoxiously as I can:


  2. LMAO off in the middle of the night when I saw this! Why the wingnuts feel compelled to advertise here is beyond me, but the ad proceeds help pay the server fees etc. On the Google ads I recommend clicking through and letting Newt et al pay through the nose for their stupidity.

  3. Hee hee.

    Ginny, I think your media matters link isn’t working right. I’ll take a look, but the link points back at TDD.

    Yes, click through a lot of times.