52% of Americans Won’t Vote for Hillary Under Any Circumstances

Sure it’s early, but of all the candidates running who is as well known as Hillary Clinton? Answer: none. So here’s another poll that indicates that nominating Hillary might not be the best idea the Dems’ ever had.

More than half of Americans say they wouldn’t consider voting for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for president if she becomes the Democratic nominee, according to a new national poll made available to McClatchy Newspapers and NBC News.

The poll by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research found that 52 percent of Americans wouldn’t consider voting for Clinton, D-N.Y. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican, was second in the can’t-stand-’em category, with 46 percent saying they wouldn’t consider voting for him.

“Clinton has long been considered a politically polarizing figure who would be a tough sell to some voters, especially many men, but also Clinton-haters of both genders.

“Thursday’s survey provides a snapshot of the challenges she faces, according to Larry Harris, a Mason-Dixon principal. “Hillary’s carrying a lot of baggage,” he said. “She’s the only one that has a majority who say they can’t vote for her.”

“Clinton rang up high negatives across the board, with 60 percent of independents, 56 percent of men, 47 percent of women and 88 percent of Republicans saying they wouldn’t consider voting for her. Romney struggled most with women: 50.9 percent said they wouldn’t consider voting for him.

“It’s the flip-flop of Hillary,” Harris said of Romney. “One could suppose it’s the Mormon issue — we didn’t ask follow-up questions — but his religion is an issue.”

“On name recognition, Clinton also led the 2008 presidential pack in voter disapproval, with 42 percent saying they recognized her name and were unfavorable toward her, versus 39 percent favorable. That gave her a double-digit lead in that bad-news category over Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, a Democrat. They each had 28 percent unfavorable recognition.

“Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had the highest favorable recognition at 43 percent, with Clinton close behind at 39 percent. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was third at 36 percent, followed by McCain at 33 percent and Edwards at 32 percent.

“McCain rang up the highest favorable rating among independent voters with 39.4 percent, followed by Giuliani with 37.3 percent. Edwards scored well with independents, too, with 31.1 percent favorable; Obama had 28 percent favorable.

“The Mason-Dixon survey was conducted June 23-25 with 625 likely general-election voters. It has an error margin of plus or minus 4 percentage points.”

Sure the Republicans can always nominate a right-wing fire breather-but I’m not counting on it. Nominate a right-winger sure, but not a fire-breather a la Newt Gingrich or Barry Goldwater circa 1964. So a majority of voters won’t for Hillary under any circumstances-can you imagine what the Clintonites would say if this poll showed that a majority wouldn’t vote for Edwards or Obama (or anybody else) under any circumstances? They’d be pounding on it!

If 60% of independents won’t vote for Hillary then she’s dead in a general election. After all, Kerry won between 49% and 50% of the independent vote and still lost. Indeed, Kerry’s winning 50% of independents and 89% of Democrats was better than any Democratic nominee since the 1960s. Unfortunately Republicans turned out at very high numbers and gave Bush 93% of their votes-more than any Republican since Nixon in 1972-more than Reagan in 1984. Evn though the national 52%-48% rating is within the poll’s margin of error, the independent number is not. Unless Republicans stay home in droves there’s no way Hillary can win with number like those among independents!

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11 Responses to 52% of Americans Won’t Vote for Hillary Under Any Circumstances

  1. Indie Liberal says:

    After watching the PBS Presidential Debate Forum last Thursday, it is becoming more and more likely that Hillary is going to be tough to beat. Not only does she have Bill (Clinton nostalagia), but she still has the popular support of blacks, and she has the money and endorsements.

    It’s unfortunate because I liked Hillary as a First Lady and during her first two years as a NY Senator, but that all changed on October 31, 2006 when she stabbed a good Dem and good person in the back and went along with the lie that he hated/insulted the troops, when everyone knew the joke was about Bush.

    She could have said some words in his defense or just say “no comment.” She has yet to apologize for that, and until she does, I feel like I can’t support her right now. Like it or not, the joke took Kerry out once and for all (as far as running for pres in 08). Even though he denies that it did, it took him out because if he had ran, Hillary was going to have to deal with him and the issue of Iraq.

    Another thing I am bothered by is the lovely double standard in the blogosphere and by Hillary “supporters” who think that she will not be swiftboated unlike Kerry, and fight and stand up to the Rove lies just like her husband did in 92 and 96, and there is nothing left to throw at them.

    They just arrogantly and gleefully think that she will waltz right in as the nominee to take the WH (cause Bush isn’t running anymore). That is what turns me off of her.

    As hard as this is, I know in the end I will have to vote for a Dem nominee because I don’t want a GOP president appointing another Thomas, Alito or Scalia.

    I am sure Kerry would want that too. He would work hard for the nominee, despite the fact they didn’t work hard for him and underminded (and still are) him at every turn. That just shows the kind of person he is.

    Anyway, nice to see you again and have a nice 4th of July. 🙂

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Does this mean that if it does come down to Hillary v. Mitt they will both lose?

  3. Ginny Cotts says:


    NIck and Indie on the 4th! Great to hear from you guys, as usual.

    Factor this in. In Moyer’s program on Murdoch last week, he mentioned that Bill & Hillary have been supported by Murdoch. So, just in case the GOP can’t take the WH in ’08, Rupert is giving Hillary the positive spins in his empire?

    A lot of us have been pretty convinced the negative # would be this high – and it isn’t like she is going to turn it around.

    Happy 4th. I’m listening to the music from my neighbor’s party 🙄

  4. alrudder says:

    For those lurking right now, there is a great Focus Group on C-Span2. You can also do a search on their website for “Focus Group”.
    A dozen people in Maryland were interviewed in May, and 8 would not vote for Hillary at all. They showed the most interest in Obama, even one GOP woman.

    For me its down to Obama, Clinton, or Gore. Playing armchair stratagist:

    Obama: Build a solid organization from Chicago out to all of the states. Look more like a CEO.

    Clinton: Use more inspirational language. Focus on military and defense issues since she presents the most like an executive. Reach out to men, she’ll be surprisingly popular with us.

    Gore: Just file papers!

  5. vwcat says:

    As a proud democrat I can say that I will never vote for Hillary.
    I can support any of the dem. candidates easily but, not Clinton.
    obama is my choice for prez.

  6. Indie Liberal says:

    Another thing I forgot to add:

    Rep. Charles Rangel said he liked Obama, but felt that Hil and Bill back in the WH (since they know how DC workds) could put the clean up the messes here and in Iraq quicker. (Granted he’s from NY and Bill’s office is in Harlem and Hil is his senator).

    I want to like Hillary, but that incident on 10/31 does not sit well this poster. And what’s pathetic is that former 2003/2004 Deaniacs who trashed and grudgingly supported Kerry are now supporting Hil.

    The Deaniacs hated everything that the DLC, DC establishment Dems stood for. They wouldn’t vote for the progressive, liberal Kerry because “he sold out to the corporate DLC crowd, voted for the IWR,” or “wasn’t liberal enough” garbage, which goes to show you that it was never about principle, just about winning.

  7. Indie Liberal says:

    Oh, and Hi Ginny! 🙂

  8. alrudder says:

    vwcat (and all other Hillary haters) if, as is more likely than any other scenario, Hillary is the candidate, couldn’t you pinch your nose and tell yourself you are voting for good federal judges? (who interpret the constitution for modern times, not 1789)

  9. It’s too soon in my opinion to be counting on any polls. We’ve got months to play out and I for one and am not jumping on any bandwagon as of yet, nor will I rule out any candidate.

    I’d take Hillary over any of the Republican field, in a heart beat. Happy 4th everyone. Our rights are too precious to squander by letting them win another one.

  10. sandrakae says:

    I am so sick of these polls that say over 50 percent will not vote for Hillary. I personally am not crazy over any of the front runners and still beleive John Kerry is the most qualified to run this nation. I would like someone to run a poll for Barack Obama. Why is he considered so electable? I work every day with an Obama supporter who lives in a fantasy world when it comes to him. She keeps telling me a lot of Republicans are switching parties just to vote for him in the Primary. She tells me a lot of Republicans are voting for him in the general election. I just cannot understand this. Republicans are known biggots and I just cannot see him pulling a alot of Republican votes. I have not really decided who to vote for in the Primary. I live in PA so it doesn’t much matter. The nominee will be set before we vote. No matter who it is, they will get my vote in the general election. Hell would have to freeze over before I would vote for a Republican.

  11. Nick says:

    Ginny and Indie

    Great hearing from you all again. Happy belated 4th.

    Alrudder, I know it’s only a focus group but 8 out of 12 MARYLANDERS said they wouldn’t vote for HIllary? I’m in Maryland, and man if a Democrat can’t win MD. then they might as well fold up the tent and go home because they ain’t gonna win period.