Bush Birthday Transits

This being, according to certain detractors, a “New Age” and superstitious sort of forum, no one will mind, I hope, if I post the birthday reptile’s birthday transits.


Looks like mostly positive aspects today, but, he’s got some toughies coming up. (Note: strength of aspects is rainbow color coded, with reds being least influential, and purples being most. A red box means that the aspect is within one degree of exact).

This may be interesting to some readers. I’d have posted the results of the tortoise entrails, but the aspects charts seem more aesthetic and certainly less objectionable, visually.

Odd that we accept the soothsaying of weatherpersons on TV, and stock market ‘analysts,’ but not of astrologers or practitioners of Haruspicy.

Beware the Ides of July.


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12 Responses to Bush Birthday Transits

  1. OMG!!! ROFLMAO!!!

    I dunno hart I think we might need to see the entrails reading too! Ha ha ha! 😉

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  3. Ginny Cotts says:


    You missed that Mercury has been in retrograde and it ends today.

    This means that Mercury will not have as much deleterious effect on electronics and business.

    Maybe my phone will quit dropping calls.

    My objection to Haruspicy would be killing an animal for such a limited purpose. We all basically know what Bush is going to do for the next 16 months.

    Stay the course.

  4. Well, I’m sure that the art is still practiced on Wall Street, and probably in the White House, as well.

    You ever notice how Bush and Cheney’s recreational habits are entirely taken over with killing things? Dude “hunting” (pheasants, quail, etc.), fish and brush.

    Given this crowd’s track record I am frankly surprised that the species in question aren’t able to outwit their would-be murderers. After all, who has the higher IQ: underbrush or Shrub Bush? A quail or Dick Cheney?

  5. Actually, Ginny, the retrograde ends on Monday the 9th

    Mercury Retrograde:

    Begins June 15, 2007
    7:40 pm EDT
    3:40 pm PDT

    Brginning degree
    11:35 Cancer

    Ends July 9, 2007
    10:15 pm EDT
    7:15 pm PDT

    Ending degree
    02:28 Cancer

    There’s a nice “map” here.

    Bush’s commutation of Libby took place at

    Sun: 10 degrees Cancer.
    Mercury: 5 degrees Cancer

    Mercury will move back over those positions

    Mercury: Tuesday or Wednesday July 17 or 18

    Sun: Monday, July 23.

    Oh, and the “toxic” Mercury will go back over Bush’s natal Sun on Thursday or Friday, July 26th or 27th. That should be the one most affecting Bush, if this new agey garbledygook is to be given the credence of, say, Politico dot com’s predictions of an Edwards suspending his campaign.

    And, finally, Mercury will catch UP with the Sun on August 16th. That ought to be an interesting day.

    Now, if there is anything to all this, it ought to be interesting to see what happens. Certainly more ennobling, say, than listening to the speculative ravings of a Wolf Blitzer of Chris Matthews.

  6. Hart

    I still think we need to be reading the netrails. I think we’re missing some important “bunk” after all because certainly some people get their pants in such a wad over this stuff that all you can do laugh your ass off.

    As for retrogrades, if we can impeach Bush/Cheney it won’t wipe out the damage they have done, but it sure would be nice to be rid of them sooner than later.

  7. Well, as all patriotic astrologers would probably like to do, I wish I just had a few minutes alone with Cheney and Bush so that I could explain to each, in turn, that :

    “This whole White House occupancy has been afflicted by Uranus.”

    And, if I had another moment, I could explain:

    “It doesn’t help that, in both charts, your Caput Draconis, or Moon’s North Node (literally your ‘dragon’s head’) has been ruled by Uranus and is conjunct Uranus.”

    In *both* charts. Mirabile dictu!

    Anyway, that’s what any patriotic astrologer would tell them, I think.

  8. Ginny Cotts says:


    Compared to “the credence of, say, Politico dot com’s predictions of an Edwards suspending his campaign.”
    and “the speculative ravings of a Wolf Blitzer or Chris Matthews.” this is at least amusing.

    Heck, I think it’s more entertaining than “Charmed” too! 😆

  9. Hart

    Ha ha ha! How scarey is that? Their Uranus’s are conjuct! No wonder they have made such a mess of things.

  10. You know I would guess, not knowing much about astrology other than it being “bunk” of course, that with Mercury or Mars or whatever it is being retrograde and all that more than a few people have their heads up [Their]anus right now.

  11. Pamela:

    The “Rectocranial Inversion” convergence seems to be well under way, centering on Washington, D.C. — as predicted by the Mayan Calendar in one of those books that Erich von DĂ€niken wrote, I think.

    Or, it could have been T. Lobsang Rampa.

    On the bright side, this is a perfect time for any number of “straight-laced” types to do a visual tonsil inspection.

    Seeing as how they’re so easily accessible to visual inspection, as it were.

  12. Hart

    I’m afraid the “Rectocranial Inversion” convergence is well under way elsewhere too. And on that note… I’m going to tuck myself into my featherbed and not come out until it’s over!