Happy birthday: Not you Dubya!

Happy birthday! Not to you George W. Bush, but to two real men. Two men with real family values, that is not just a campaign slogan. I’m talking about two men, that are father and son. These men, are not just talking a lot of smack like another that shares the same birthday, but they walk the walk. Bush shares the same birthday, but not the same values and integrity. Real men have this day as their birthday, and they are The Katrinacrat and his dad! Happy birthday Donnie and Gary. George, I hope you choke on your cake! You don’t deserve to have the same day as those two!

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One Response to Happy birthday: Not you Dubya!

  1. Ginny Cotts says:

    Happy Birthday {{{Donnie}}}

    And to your Dad.

    Hope it is a fun day. I’m a little surprised that Rebel didn’t reveal how OLD you are 😉