John Kerry: “Watching the Presidential Parade Go By”

For some reason, the John Lennon song “Watching the Wheels” jumped into my brain when I saw the title of this latest “political graveyard” blurb, Kerry Watches Presidential Parade Go By:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dashed White House ambitions, John Kerry has learned, can be humbling. Kerry insists it hasn’t bothered him to watch from the sidelines as current and former colleagues — including his 2004 running mate, John Edwards — gallop past in pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination that was his four years ago.

”Life goes on and people get too fixated on those kinds of things,” Kerry, 63, told The Associated Press in an interview. ”I feel young enough that there’s a lot of future ahead. I don’t know what will happen. I haven’t said no to (running for president) forever, but it’s the right thing for now.”

The article continues to recycle the myth regarding last year’s “botched joke” incident: “Kerry hardly missed a beat after his 2004 loss to Bush, hoping to use his Senate seat as a springboard for another run. That plan fizzled with a botched Iraq joke during the close of the elections last fall. For many Democrats, his words revived bitter memories of his missteps in 2004, when he fell just 118,601 votes shy in Ohio of capturing the White House.”

But it does cite some other interesting speculation: “There’s speculation that Kerry, who will run for a fifth Senate term next year, could be tapped for a Cabinet post if a Democrat captures the White House.”

I’ve always said Secretary of State Kerry would be nice. We’ll see.

Happy Friday!

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20 Responses to John Kerry: “Watching the Presidential Parade Go By”

  1. Indie Liberal says:

    Wow, the news must be slow today. Kerry left out one word, and it was over for him (as far as 08 goes). While the others that have said offensive things or made jokes 10 times worse are let off the hook, have gotten good, positive press and are gleefully praised for the speaking and excellent political instincts.

    No matter what Kerry does it’s never good enough. Even if he introduces progressive type legislation, people will still scream how is not good enough or shoot it down.

    The hatred of a Dem that is trying to do what they scream they want is sad, while others with less progressive records are being strongly promoted. Very destructive and plays right into the hands of Rove every time.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:


    Are you saying Democrats can’t walk their talk because they keep shooting their own feet??? 🙄

    It is heartbreakingly sad.

  3. John Granchie says:

    President John Kerry, Thats all I want to hear.

  4. You know… I was getting my haircut today and having a conversation about politics, like I always do whenever I can and the young girl that cuts my hair told me, she didn’t particularly like any of the Dems running.

    After explaining why, she asked if I thought JK would jump back in? I told her I didn’t know, and she said she wished he would. She told me she saw JFK in him and feels like no one is more qualified to do the job.

    Funny… I hear the same kind of thing from just about everyone I talk with.

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  6. BlueWashington says:

    Ah, what could have been… President Kerry. Secretary of State Kerry is okay, too; but I the prefer the title, ‘President’. (Sigh)

    Thanks for tossing out the aliens, Pamela! No need for that kind of nonsense.

  7. Blue W

    You know around here we prefer new agey “bunk” to sci-fi drama and aliens! 😉

    They obviously landed on the wrong blog.

    Still liking the sound of President Kerry myself. Secretary of State Kerry is a close 2nd.

  8. alrudder says:

    Part of the tragedy is that JK is qualified for so many Executive Branch jobs: State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, Interior, EPA, National Security Advisor, Veterans, Commerce

    Regretably, barring a personal scandal with Hillary or Obama (which no one should wish on them) there isn’t enough time to build an organization and war chest for Jan-Feb. I think only Gore has the fan base for shotgun campaign.

  9. Darrell Prows says:

    For me, it’s not what Kerry is qualified for as much as what he’s best qualified for. Irrespective of who might win in 2008 (and that would include a Republican)Kerry should be given very careful consideration for Secretary of Defense. When I survey the national scence, I come up with not a single person who seems better suited for this position.

  10. Jean says:

    I don’t think the MSM know what to do with progressive and forward thinking leaders like John Kerry and Al Gore. I think they just want to push them away or discredit them. They only know how to bolster the lucrative business of the status quo politics and big media. This article doesn’t truly describe the leadership and great works of John Kerry in the Senate and on grass roots level on major challenges facing our Country including Iraq and environment, national security and protection of our constitution.

    This reporter is just too lazy and disconnected to write a thoughtful article – and the words like vision and working for sustainable environment are too scary to him. They involve hard work and working together- values of progressive leaders but not for an industry (MSM) that thrives on divisiveness. Thankfully John Kerry and Gore keep marching to a different tune and hopefully will lead our Country to a modern, fair and strong future.

    You can tell by his writing that the most difficult challenge this reporter chooses to face is to decide what color shirt to wear. Wear yellow Andrew and AP.

  11. Darrell

    Good point. Sec of Defense. I like that ring too.

  12. mbk says:

    I share the pain of all of the commenters here.. .sigh. Though, based on recent history of the position, Secretary of State could be a very frustratingly powerless position for someone who should be president. Attorney General has been mentioned as a good possibiity for him. But the problem with all cabinet positions is that they’re not independent or powerful enough for someone of such talent and stature as JK. If he can’t be president, being a powerful voice in the Senate might arguably be better than being an underappreciated, powerless cabinet member. .but he should be president, dammit. He’s just light-years better than what’s out there so far.Sigh.

    Jean, I totally totally agree with you . Yes, please, may John Kerry and Al Gore continue to march to their different tune: it’s the RIGHT tune, and, hopefully, sometime soon, people will finally figure that out, and listen to them with the attention these two deserve.

  13. Gore reiterated today that he won’t run. I think the pool stands as it is at this point with the primary schedule so front loaded. But I could be wrong.

  14. Jean says:

    At least we know Kerry and Gore will keep on pushing us all forward and the won’t be deterred by all of the reactionary criticism. I am glad that such important leaders give voice to our concerns and are out there for us. John Kerry has a lot of great opportunities ahead of him and I think will be a huge figure moving our Country to great acheivements and to the shining star of hope we once were and more in the years ahead.

  15. alrudder says:

    Darrell, other potential SecDefs are Gary Hart, Jane Harman, actually Hillary would be good. Maybe someone from industry. It is the most demanding job in the Cabinet I think.
    JK could do it, but he’s probably better suited for State.

  16. alrudder

    Jane Harman? I dunno, Gary Hart I see but not Jane Harman.

  17. alrudder says:

    Jane was on Armed Services before, and she strikes me as having an executive temperament. I think Hart would have been SecDef had JK won last time. It is a near impossible job.

    Below is a quote from Harold Brown, Carter’s SecDef
    “. . . I want to note again the basic limitation of any attempt to manage the Defense Department in an idealized textbook fashion. The pull of the need to be able to fight a war, if necessary, will always limit the peacetime efficiency of the defense establishment . . . . The pull of conflicting domestic interests represents democratic government . . . . To manage defense efficiently and at the lowest possible cost along presumed business lines of management and organization is a useful standard. But there are prices we cannot afford to pay for meeting it exactly. One is the abandonment of democratic control. Another is the loss of a war. Defense cannot be “managed” like a business. But it can be led so as to preserve most effectively our national security interests.”

  18. Darrell Prows says:

    Kerry exhibits an excellent understanding of what out true national security interests are, including the paramount fact that use of force often harms our national security. I also like true war heros for the Sec. Def. job. In meeting with his peers around the globe he would do wonders at convincing people that our military is up to any challenge but will only ever be deployed on his watch as a clear last resort.

    Jane Harman has all of the technical skills for the job but lacks the breadth of experience that I would like to see. I also think that Congress needs more women right now that qualify as real heavy weights.

  19. greenbean says:

    I have just finished reading the whole article. Pardon me for saying this, it was like the writer was pounding a few more nails on a coffin, and not knowing Kerry was not in it. And reminding people of the bad joke, and yet it was never the joke but an actual political assassination of a man’s integrity. And then covered it up with a mention of a cabinet post. But why? What is the purpose of that article? Beware!

  20. fishinabarrel says:

    Secretary Kerry! Great idea! Then he can throw his medals, er ribbons, er medals, er presidential aspirations over the fence all the time!