BREAKING: White House Circles Wagons

Getting Defensive
ThinkProgress is reporting:

BREAKING: White House To Block Testimony Of Former Rove Aide

Early last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to former Karl Rove aide and former Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs, Sara Taylor, for her involvement in the “unprecedented firings of several prosecutors and politicization within the Department of Justice.” Taylor — despite White House refusals to surrender documents related to her subpoena — agreed to testify before the Judiciary Committee as required on July 11, 2007.

Today, however, Taylor’s attorney W. Neil Eggleston, delivered a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy (D-VT) explaining that Taylor expects that the White House will attempt to block her testimony, citing executive privilege:

Ms. Taylor expects to receive a letter from [White House Counsel Fred] Fielding on behalf of the President directing her not to comply with the Senate’s subpoena. These contrary directions undoubtedly create a monumental clash between the executive and legislative branches of government. This clash may ultimately be resolved by the judicial branch.…

[Taylor] is unquestionably loyal to and committed to the President and his agenda. …

This may either prove a wise chess move, or another blunder in an increasingly staccato and frequent series of blunders that seem to have begun nearly from the moment that Bush allegedly “won” re-election in 2004.

Kudos to Ryan Powers at

RAW Story reports:

White House plans to block testimony from former top Rove aide; Miers has not decided
Michael Roston
Published: Saturday July 7, 2007

The White House appeared set for an expanded showdown with congressional investigators in the probe of the firing of eight US Attorneys over the weekend.

An attorney for Sara Taylor, a former top aide to White House adviser Karl Rove, notified the Senate that she was unlikely to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee July 11.

At the same time, former Counsel to President George W. Bush Harriet Miers told RAW STORY she did not know if she would appear before the House Judiciary Committee July 12.

Sounds like they’re circling the wagons.


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6 Responses to BREAKING: White House Circles Wagons

  1. You know for a summer weekend during a long holiday week there sure is a lot of news about BushCo and their woes. 🙂

  2. Ginny in CO says:

    Go BushCo, lets have more resistance to Congressional oversight. The more you do it, the guiltier you look.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    I’m getting a brain cramp on this one. A President has the power to give binding orders to private citizens? Bush tells this woman she can’t testify, and then? He won’t hire her again? His freinds won’t invite her to their parties? She really doesn’t want to testify and is using this as a convenient excuse?

    I hope Leahy hits her with a Contempt of Congress. That’s when we move to a full blown “Constitutional Crisis”, and the numbers indicate that Bush has pretty well run out of that unique form of political capital called the benefit of the doubt. Another nail in the coffin, and even if he gets final relief from some of his pet judges, it will be too late to really help.

  4. Ginny in CO says:

    I think you’ve got it Darrell. She can do jail time for contempt before, and hope she doesn’t get indicted, convicted and sentenced to more jail after. Works for me 😉

  5. Well, since when has precedent or laws or rules ever stopped this bunch?

    But yes, I think they’ll claim “Executive Privelege,” and force a court date, and then, they hope, they can run out the clock on this administration.

    It will go to:

    “The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, known informally as the “D.C. Circuit”, is the federal appellate court for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Appeals from the D.C. Circuit, as with all the U.S. Courts of Appeals, are heard on a discretionary basis by the Supreme Court. It should not be confused with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals,” [Wikipedia]

    Whatchamacallit is the most creepily conservative appeals court (since they hear all purely federal cases), and was where they parked Judge John Roberts for his “tryout” before the US Supreme Court. He was on the majority end of that decision (since overturned) that Gitmo detainees had no rights to lawyers, etc. etc.

    Wikipedia notes:

    “A judgeship on the D.C. Circuit is often thought of as a stepping-stone for appointment to the Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are alumni of the D.C. Circuit. In addition, the Reagan Administration put forth two failed nominees in 1987 from the D.C. Circuit: former Judge Robert Bork, who was rejected by the Senate, and current Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, who withdrew his nomination after it became known that he had used marijuana as a college student and professor in the 1960s and 1970s. Before the 1980s, Chief Justices Fred M. Vinson and Warren Burger, as well as Associate Justice Wiley Blount Rutledge, served on the D.C. Circuit before their elevations to the Supreme Court.”

    So, they probably figure that they’ve got the courts stacked, and the Supreme Court CAN decline to hear the case, and/or not take it up until they reconvene on the First Tuesday in October, after their Red Mass.

    Welcome to My Constitutional Crisis, as Alice Cooper would say.

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