Iraq Fails on all Counts

The Associated Press has revealed that the progress report on Iraq will prove what we’ve known all along: Iraq is a failure. Socially, politically, and economically, this report will apparently spell out for President in the clearest terms possible that the Nouri al-Maliki government has not been up to task, and for that regime’s incompetence, our troops have been needlessly paying the price in blood. Here we are, in the first week of July, and already we have witnessed the deaths of 29 more soldiers and we have witnessed the deaths of more than 200 Iraqi’s. Will this finally be the tipping point?

If not, the report will undoubtedly speed up the process a bit. An official close to the White House, speaking on a condition of anonymity, stated that the September 15 “pivot point” that Bush heralded just two months prior will no longer seem appropriate after the full release of this report. Republican support has also withered in recent weeks, providing Democrats with more ammunition when the next round of war funding inevitably comes up – if the Democratic leadership is up for the challenge, that is.

More news on this as it breaks.

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3 Responses to Iraq Fails on all Counts

  1. fishinabarrel says:

    Iraq has failed, and there is no way to win. Putting our party ahead of our country didn’t get us a president, and look at this Congress. Why they have way lower ratings than Bush, and that’s pretty low. Iraq is a real loser and so are we!

  2. spacelysprockets says:

    Is anyone surprised? Our government is also failing. Also keep in mind, this is a new concept for the ME. LOL we’ve been doing it for over 200 yrs. and our gov. isn’t doing any better.


  3. Darrell Prows says:

    (Two comments and neither one contributed a thing to the discussion. Plain vanilla shit stirrers.)

    Al Sadr is clearly the single most dominant force in Iraq, and hand picked Maliki to do exactly what has been done. In other words, Al Sadr has his own plan to dominate at least the Shiite portion of the country, and wanted someone in office who would just mark time until we left. His time line for this is whatever our time line is and then some. We cannot out wait him becuase he continues to get stronger whether we stay or go.

    The upside is that he knows Iran intimately, and has shown no indication of being willing to share “His” oil wealth with anyone else. This is one of the facts of life that Bush unleashed on the world back in 2003.