The RightWing Smear Machine’s Panties In A Bunch

Well, we’re weird, we’re smeared, get over it.

No, not you, Gentle Readers. It seems that my second commentary on Ted Nugent‘s lovely slur of an entire generation offended the delicate sensibilities of Joseph Farah over at World Nut Daily, and they felt compelled to respond:

world nut, dully

Dem blogger wants to shoot Rush Limbaugh
Also calls for volunteer to assassinate Ted Nugent
Posted: July 8, 2007
9:51 p.m. Eastern

A Democratic Party blogger says he wants to shoot Rush Limbaugh and is calling for volunteers to assassinate rock star Ted Nugent, who champions the Second Amendment

Hart Williams, a former writer for porn magazine Hustler and who now toils for the Democratic Daily, was waxing incoherent about a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Nugent, complaining that it was likely ghost-written…

Hopefully, we didn’t make them cry. (Not that couth or politesse could ever be construed as WND’s hallmark.)

And we made Little Green Nutballs, too!

little green nutballs

We’ve pulled off the BIFECTA! Or, if you prefer, the mathematically challenged’s version of the Hat Trick.

Sure as hell glad they didn’t notice my comment that Bush should be hung on the Washington Mall at high noon … here and here:

‘Pragmatism’ can be a form of obfuscation, too. While one should not be principled to a fault, neither should one default on all one’s principles. Values DO matter, the GOP misuse of the term notwithstanding.

I’m very pragmatic about wanting to see Bush hung by the neck until dead — as we hung the defendants at Nuremberg, for many of the same crimes — at high noon on the Washington Mall.

Sure hope that they can handle it.

Of course, having attempted dialogue with Righties for a couple of decades now, and noting that they’re not INTERESTED in dialogue or “playing nice,” it doesn’t really matter if it makes them cry.

They’ll just have to buy hankies. (Or use their sleeves.)


The TRIFECTA! I been FREEEPED! Talk about your “witty” analyses! Woo!

onward cretin soldiers

UPDATE 2: 1:27 PM PDT: Preemptive Karma weighs in:

I can’t help but think back to Hart’s body of work last year, in which he spent literally months researching to uncover a small right-wing cabal’s complex scheme to create the appearance of a massive grass-roots movement across several states in order to pass legislation they could not get elected representatives to touch. I believe they have been watching and waiting for their opportunity to discredit him.


Memeorandum has it as a hot item:

Democrat blogger wants to shoot Rush Limbaugh — Also calls for volunteer to assassinate Ted Nugent
— A Democratic Party blogger says he wants to shoot Rush Limbaugh and is calling for volunteers to assassinate rock star Ted Nugent, who champions the Second Amendment.

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There are many more under the radar, including the ongoing auto-da-fé at FreeRepublic dot dum*. Alas, of the 108 posts (so far) mostly cribbed from All Star Wrestling verbal sparring, there is a singular paucity of wit, thought, and imagination. Geez: If you’re gonna “slam” me, at least show some wit. To paraphrase somebody, “wrapping yourself in the jockstrap is the last refuge of the cretin.” (Who knew you could post to the internet using crayons?)

[*Responded to some of their crap, and even registered to do so, but they’re kind of gutless when it comes to disagreement. Sorta like Rush. I remove trolls here, but only after they’ve well and truly earned the distinction.]

This blogger is certainly gratified that he could lure both the drooling wingnuts AND the barking moonbats out of the septic tank. Thus far, here is the Clueless Slam of the Day:

World Net Daily Attacks The Democratic Daily Over Violence and Porn–What Irony

Skeptic Says:
July 9th, 2007 at 6:45 pm

They’re not hypocrits(sic) or inconsistent at Democratic Daily when they attack you. The explanation is clear. They are anti-semites. This fully explains why they attack you but embrace others who really do advocate violence and perhaps porn. I haven’t seen Hustler to know if it qualifies as porn but there is no question that it is closer to porn than anything you have ever posted. The real question is Why does Hart write of shootings and hangings. I’d expect him to be making Voodoo dolls.

There is some actual thinking in the post (crazy, but not cliché, at least) and MOST of the words are spelled correctly. I don’t RECALL attacking Jews, but perhaps my memory is faulty. It’s been a frenetic day of being the poster boy for satanic”libural” values, after all.

Honorable Mention goes to this post on my website:

Ed, you represent the worst of political discourse today. How is it that “liberals” can’t see themselves? Such a lot of hate and venom. But it’s all the other guy’s fault, I guess.

While the sentiment expressed is similar to 108 (at least) other posts, ALL of the words are spelled correctly. The most popular rhetorical device is to either

a) challenge me to some sort of imaginary macho forest duel, or

b) vicariously pant about how “The Nuge” would “kick my ass” in various imaginary forest duels.

“Manliness” and “manly virtues” have seldom been at such a low ebb.

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About Hart Williams

Mr. Williams grew up in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and New Mexico. He lived in Hollywood, California for many years. He has been published in The Washington Post, The Kansas City Star, The Santa Fe Sun, The Los Angeles Free Press, Oui Magazine, New West, and many, many more. A published novelist and a filmed screenwriter, Mr. Williams eschews the decadence of Hollywood for the simple, wholesome goodness of the plain, honest people of the land. He enjoys Luis Buñuel documentaries immensely.
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19 Responses to The RightWing Smear Machine’s Panties In A Bunch

  1. fishinabarrel says:

    Yeah! How dare Ted Nugent insult an entire generation. Generation means liberals only. It’s okay to insult conservatives! Didn’t you know?

  2. Well, since you purposely misconstrue my work to take your cheap shot, let me return the compliment:

    Consider yourself not merely insulted, but AS a consummate insult to the potential of Mankind.

    There. Happy now?

    Or did that make you cry, too?

  3. fishinabarrel says:

    It seems a lot of people misconstrue you. How dare they. After all, World Nut Daily quoted you word for word wanting to shoot Rush Limbaugh “when it’s legal.” There is nothing that smears liberals more than quoting them word for word!

  4. fishinabarrel says:

    OH and BTW:

    “The Owner/Admin/Moderators of The Democratic Daily reserve the right to Edit or Delete comments as per our guidelines. Our goal is to engage members and readers in civil conversation. Bashing or attacking members of The Democratic Daily or Democratic leaders in office or candidates will not be tolerated. Remarks that may be construed as slanderous, bigoted, racist OR ADVOCATING VIOLENCE TOWARDS OTHERS [public school attendants take note, it’s TOWARD when the following word is plural NOT TOWARDS. Two plurals, a no no. Cretins!], will be removed or edited.”

    I guess that violence only counts if it’s toward a Democrat. Shooting Rush Limbaugh “when it’s legal,” doesn’t count. And it doesn’t count if you are for gun control to advocate shooting someone either.

    Sure glad I’m on your side!

  5. fishinabarrel writes: “It seems a lot of people misconstrue you. How dare they. After all, World Nut Daily quoted you word for word wanting to shoot Rush Limbaugh “when it’s legal.”

    And since shooting people isn’t likely to become “legal” any time soon, his point remains ironic and satiric, “fishy”.

    “There is nothing that smears liberals more than quoting them word for word!”

    LOL. Even when taken out of context and misappropriated, eh, “fishy”?

  6. fishinabarrel says:

    You are so right it’s taken out of context.

    “How we can remain ‘civil’ in the face of this is beyond my ken,” wrote Williams. “I will only reiterate what I’ve said WHEN they manage to inevitably push their litany of hatespeak into actual bloodletting, and full-blown civil war (for there is no other place that this hatred of American against American can go), well … I’ve got dibs on Rush, as soon as it’s legal and lawful to shoot him. Whoever wants Ted Nugent is welcome to him, but I would prefer that you would call it now, so as to conserve on ammunition. We will need to manage it prudently. But when the day comes that they have finally set brother against brother, and sister against sister in the name of their pocketbooks, I won’t approach exterminating them with anything approaching remorse. They’ve already told me what they think of me, of my friends and of my peers. Now, I’m returning the favor. Put that in your pipe and have the WSJ editorial staff show you how to smoke it, Nugent. Courage.”

    Why anyone can see your words, quoted word for word are “misappropriated” and taken out of context. How dare conservatives quote you word for word and blow your cover. Liberals should never be quoted word for word advocating violence “when it’s legal” against conservatives.

    How can anyone remain civil in the face of the first amendment which guarrantees Ted the right to insult anyone he damn well pleases, when you are so against his right to the second amendment as well.

    Guess I’m taken out of context as well. We have to put a stop to this. End the first amendment. The truth insults us!

  7. OK. I guess it DID make you cry. You’re a big boy. Stop sniffling and pay attention.

    The comments quoted speak for themselves and require no additional illumination. You either understand English or you don’t.

    And, as you evidence, you don’t.

    In future, when you want to debate, MAKE a point. Don’t go off half-cocked, taking umbrage at what you WANT to take umbrage at, arranging arguments to mean what you WANT them to mean. It’s called “straw man” in classical logic — a course you could desperately use.

    And when you quote “exactly” in the future, try actually quoting exactly. There were actual paragraphs there.

    And we have no shortage of column space.You have no excuse to cram everything together like it was Molly Bloom’s soliloquy.

    Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a dumbass.

    However, I can see from your various manic posts this morning that you don’t mind running that risk.

    At this point, you’ve overstayed your welcome and are just being a troll. If you have any actual intelligent points to make, please do so. Otherwise, you’re gone.

    Just like your hero Rush Limbaugh’s ground rules! So you feel “at home.”

    And DO try to leave “sarcasm” behind as a technique until you actually have some basic idea of HOW to use it.

    If you’ve got a brain, you don’t need the juvenile crap; if you don’t, all the juvenile crap in the world won’t help your ‘arguments.’

  8. Awwwwww! Look how cute they are. Look at how precious they look with their knuckles dragging the floor. That must hurt though. Unless their hands are roughed up from banging on war drums without sticks. Don’t get too close though, they are known to throw their own feces(lets just call it little green footballs) at others. And they don’t believe in evolution!

  9. Ginny Cotts says:

    If any one of these wingnut blogs could cite their posts condemning Ann Coulter and the other Right Wing hate mongers for advocating murder before it is legal, this would not be such a perfect example of the mindset that limits their ability to understand:

    – gallows humor
    – the kind of responses – some only satirical writing- you will ultimately get when you refuse to show any respect for the people you consider adversaries
    – only attept to escalate and inflame the situation rather than engage in reasonable, focused discussions to find solutions.

    Sorry wingnuts, eventually rational, composed people who do not normally believe in using violence as the means of resolving a situation may begin to wonder if they have any other recourse. In this case it would be something like ‘suicide by cop’. You are repeatedly violent, hateful, full of vengance for perceived insults and injury, and all too ready to advocate violence to solve perceived threats.

    Thanks to the blatant and extensive media complicity, we are 7 years into what happens to the world and our country when this kind of mindset is in charge. And you still don’t get it.

    Violence begets violence. Tearing down the Constitution and our protections from the kind of government the founding fathers rejected will eventually lead to a violent conflict here. Open your minds or face the consequences of your stupidity.

    It’s not like Hart, or any of the rest of us who have made comments about the increasing possibility of martial law and a civil war, are pulling this out of thin air. Go read some sources outside your own narrow perspective. You can still disagree. If the worst case scenarios do happen, you may come face to gun barrel with the truth.

    I had much different plans for what I wanted to spend the time of my second 50 years on Constructive work reforming a health care system badly in need of an overhaul, education reform, working with the teen groups at my church. Enjoying my family, the grandchildren I thought I would have.

    I will fight for this country just as many did before me. And for the earth. I don’t have to worry about the grandchildren. My children, like too many of their friends, are convinced that it would be unconscionable to bring a child into the world now. I can hardly blame them.

  10. fishinabarrel

    There’s plenty of former hippies turned republican who don’t look upon their days as a hippie as anything but a phase in their life. Furthermore, let’s talk about all the violence advocated by say Rush himself, or Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and the rest of the right wing pundits who use shock journalism to prove their point and fire up their bases.

  11. Darrell Prows says:

    “I’ve got dibs on Rush, as soon as it’s legal and lawful to shoot him.” Let’s see, that would be (1)when Hart is entitled to the use of self defense in an incident in which Mr. Limbaugh is the perp; or (2) in the State of Utah if Mr. Limbaugh is sentenced to death and elects to die by firing squad. Did I leave anything out?

    (I suppose that they theoretically could meet as adversaries on opposite sides of the field of battle in Iraq, but how likely is that?)

  12. fishinabarrel writes: “You are so right it’s taken out of context.”

    Well that was easy. Next.

  13. theaof1 says:

    I think you should go for it. I’ll take 100 on Nuge. Your dee-dee-dee ass wouldn’t last 5 minutes against him.

  14. Steve J. says:

    It’s about damn time we face these wackos down with their own crap. Fats Limbaugh, Insannity and many other wingnut gasbags have done everything but call for our mass deportation!

  15. Steve J

    Exactly and thanks for chiming in. NewsBusters has it that Hannity did a bit on Hart tonight.

  16. Steve. You are EXACTLY right.

    The dirty secret of the Right is that they are NOT the studley macho “Real Men” they pretend to be (and, therefore are our protectors against “terror,”) just as Bush pretends to be a cowboy.

    He is afraid of horses. They bluster about Ted Nugent’s GUNS. Dick Cheney hunts HOBBLED animals.

    It’s time for us to stand up, and shout them down.

    Right now. At this moment in history.

    No more whimpering about the filibuster (as they did before the “Gang of 14”). No more “ooh, We’ll take out the timetable that you don’t have to follow, so that we don’t look like we’re not supporting the troops.”

    No more Dick Durbin backing down the second the Hannity slime machine (and the WorldNetDaily and Rushing to Limbo) screech.

    No more forcing Jimmy Carter to back down from the truth, no more smearing John Kerry over a ginned up controversy over a joke. No more presidential politics based on haircuts.

    If needs be, we shave our heads and call them on the whole phony macho pose. They aren’t making us safe, they’re not real men, they are not merely poseurs, but, worse, they mostly can’t even SPELL ‘poseur.’

    Let’s take it to them. Now.

  17. eaglew says:

    The right wing has been looking for an opportunity to smear Hart, and now the have found one. A really very innocent remark, that they can take out of context

    The truth is that if it were legal, there would be a lot of us bidding to use Limbaugh as a target. Hell, it would be fun to write him into a video game…

    Did you catch the comments on Hannity and Colmes?
    “SHOULD he be arrested?” (Hannity)

    Should he be INVESTIGATED?” (Hannity)

    Should he be silenced?” (Hannity)

    Hart made an innocent remark in a blog, unlike Pat Robertson or Ann Coulter who continually make blatant and not so innocent remarts on nationally televised programs calling for murder and assassination.


  18. fishinabarrel says:

    Look, we Democrats should stop being laughable hypocrites. I’m trying to help you. How funny to be raging about shooting people when you are for “peace.” You’re against guns, but you want to shoot people? What you need is quotes of Rush saying he wants to shoot someone. Or how about Ann Coulter. That is when we Democrats are NOT taking her out of context by editing out that her reference to dying on 9/11 was really what Bill Mahr said. But that’s beside the points. You guys. We are making conservatives laugh their assess off with our hypocrisy. We need to get it together man:)

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