Me? Are You… Me?

A very strange story in the Dutch (free) newspaper De Pers. A short while ago, two 15 year old girls who were strangers were both sitting on a terras (cafĂ©) in the small city of Milago (“Miracle”). They looked each other in the eye, and both suddenly realised “she looks exactly like me!” The girls started talking and… it seems that they are identical twins. The woman who claimed to be the biological mother of both girls – named Marielisa and Andrea – went to the authorities and… the ‘parents’ of the first girl – the man being a doctor – admitted to interrogators that they stole the girl. It seems that the mother of Marielisa and Andrea thought, 15 years ago, that she was pregnant of one child. She, however, gave birth to two. Instead of informing her about this, the doctor who helped her stole one of the children and raised her as his own. The doctor’s defense? The biological mother was quite young when she gave labor, and the two children were the result of a one-night stand. They say that they decided to take care of the weaker child out of ‘compassion.’

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2 Responses to Me? Are You… Me?

  1. Wow. Makes you wonder about people.

  2. Well, as Shakespeare said: There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    Or, as a friend used to say, the world is not only weirder than you think it is, it is weirder than you CAN think it is.