A Novel Solution To This Executive Branch Nightmare

Recent polls indicate that President Bush’s approval rating has dropped to a record low of twenty-seven percent. Our devious vice-president, Dick Cheney, is embroiled in brewing scandals related to the replacement of eight U.S. District Judges and the Libby pardon. (sorry commutation)

Therefore, I think I have both a practical and novel solution to this executive branch nightmare. First, both King George and the V.P. must either be successfully impeached or coerced into resigning.

Our new president, per the constitutionally established order of succession, would be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Our new vice-president would be Secretary of State Condelezza Rice. Both positions would be filled by a female. The president would be a Democrat and the V.P. would be Republican. The president would be a white person and the V.P. would be black. Perhaps this would bring the dream of bi-partisan politics to fruition. Things would just have to get better, as we are currently at the bottom of the barrel!

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4 Responses to A Novel Solution To This Executive Branch Nightmare

  1. P.Tane says:

    That’s quite the plan, and if it doesn’t fail … it just might work!

    Step one reminds of Steve Martin’s bit about how to be a millionaire. “First, get million dollars…”

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Boy, would the grey matter content of the Executive Branch skyrocket with that combination. Combined with the decrease in testosterone level, that would certainly put our foreign policy on a better path.

  3. Tom Johnson says:

    Actually, if both the President and the Vice-President were simultaneously removed from office (or if the Vice-President were removed first, and no successor was confirmed before the President were removed), then Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, would become President. At that point, she could name a new Vice President. There are no provisions in the Constitution to fill the office of Vice-President in case of vacancy, except by nomination by the President, then confirmation by majority vote of both houses of Congress.

  4. Darrell Prows says:

    And it’s all a stretch, but one would hope that Pelosi would make a gesture towards national unity.

    (Is it exactly this scenario which makes her not want to be in a position where she could be accused of trying for a power grab?)