Hannity: Unfair and Imbalanced

What I wrote, about Limbaugh and “the Nuge,” in full context, was a “Hell Freezes Over” argument.

As in, “I believe that Faux Nooz™ will treat me fairly when Hell Freezes Over.”

My side isn’t the one trying to install the refrigeration units, Hannity.

That’s my official answer.


[*This tag began in memorium — for what was done to Dan Rather.]

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2 Responses to Hannity: Unfair and Imbalanced

  1. Ginny Cotts says:

    I think you are on to something Hart. There was an old joke in which the devil contacts God about how the condemned had gotten organized, were having bake sales, etc. and would soon be able to get air conditioning installed.

    Sounds like a bunch of GOPers to me. Anything to get out of doing their full punishment.

    Just a matter of time before they get it to freeze.

  2. J. Rhodes says:


    I have your back. Let me take it from here.

    You can’t reason with this uneducated, unbalanced rodent. You are dealing with a street hustler who was a failure in college and lied his way into a Alabama radio station.

    His “good looks” (in his younger years) paved the way to a successful career in radio and television. By the way, Fox News Channel had to train this moron for several weeks. He was still lousy on the air.

    This deceitful and malicious conservative hypocrite makes his living by character assassinating his enemies: Liberals.

    He’s not man enough to take criticism. Every time someone criticizes this sorry SOB publicly, he flips out. He definitely suffers from a severe case of low self-esteem. Got meds? No! Got bodyguard!

    Speaking of meds, has-been rocker Ted Nugent made a “special” appearance on Sean’s lousy show. This aging, has-been hippie hasn’t had a hit in years. Nugent should thank Hart for “reviving” his obscure musical career.

    Clear your name and reputation by confronting this verbally abusive monster on “Hannity and Colmes.” Tell wingnut what you think of him. Ask him if he had sex with any of the whores at the Bunny Ranch in Reno, Nevada this year, and ask this lousy husband and father why he never wears his wedding band.

    Mr. Wms. Replies: Ten-four, except for the part about Hannity being a rodent.

    Don’t you think that rodents have suffered from enough of a negative image without being compared to Hannity? It seems awfully unfair to the rodents.