GOP Civil Rights Record Remains Unblemished

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Here is the picture by Detroit News photographer Ricardo Thomas:


Here is the caption:

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Col., is the sole Republican candidate to address the NAACP convention. He was flanked by lecterns with placards for nine other GOP candidates — all no-shows.


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3 Responses to GOP Civil Rights Record Remains Unblemished

  1. vwcat says:

    I have to say I give credit to Tancredo for showing up. None of his fellow candidates had the guts or cared enough to try. At least he did and deserves for us to give him kudos to it.

  2. vwcat says:

    I want to add that it is amazing how the on the air msm has totally ignored the democratic forum except for a gossipy story about Hillary.
    they just cannot stand that Hillary did not win the forum and it went to Obama so they have to bury it. and they had to trot this out so they could gush about her as usual.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    After the circus around immigration recently, I picture all of the Republican candidates except McCain telling their staff to design a strategy that concedes the hispanic vote to the Democrat.

    After the Supreme Court school desegregation decision, I picture all of the Republican candidates including Tancredo telling their staff to design a strategy that concedes the black vote to the Democrat.

    What chance does a lilly white party have in this country today? The talk radio right wingers, with all of their quaint litle code words, will appreciate not having to share a candidate and a Party with minorities. But it sure seems like the elephants have thrown enough folks out of the tent that they run a real rick of having become completely marginalized.