Vitter to come out his bunker today

From Your Right Hand Thief, comes the news that Vitter is scheduled to come out his bunker today. Vitter has been in hiding since his statement on the DC madame came out. Oyster has been all over this one. He now writes:

The Vitter affair: as it stands now

The DP informs us that “Senator David Vitter has scheduled a 5pm news conference in Metairie today where he is expected to finally speak publicly about his admitted ties to a Washington, D.C. prostitution ring”. In light of this news, I’ve collected a long review of facts and claims made in the past week about L’affair Vitter.

The disclosure and response: After Hustler and TIME magazine called Senator Vitter’s office that Monday afternoon for comment, Vitter provided an exquisitely vague press release to the AP. It read:

Be sure to read the whole post from Your Right Hand Thief. Get the background, and get ready for what Vitter has to say. Our eyes are upon you Vitty-cent, you walk upon eggshells now. Louisiana bloggers have you on the radar now. Code red sucka! We have you in our sights now. If Vitty tries to stay, we get to beat the thugs over the head with it. Sorry about that Operation Red November. You really thought that we would just let you take our state? Since Operation Red November seems to love Vitty so much, let them go down too. Bandwidth stealers! You people are sick! I will update after the Vitty-cent coming out.

UPDATE: I just saw it, and I have to wonder who is more stupid, Vitty or his wife Wendy. Vitter is going nowhere. Wendy talks about personal things and how people are camping out even at their church. Call Hillary, you know, the same one that had to go through things your husband spoke out for? Pot meet kettle! Vitty still does not want to admit to the Canal street madame claims though, if I heard it right. Will be back with updates as I find them. Vitty sucks! Family values and all.

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2 Responses to Vitter to come out his bunker today

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    The typical power drunk politician. His constituents deserve the best, and there is no question that he cannot possibly give it to them after this. His choosing to stay says “I may be flawed but even at my worst I’m better than the best you’ll ever get”. How can these fools delude themselves so thoroughly?

    Is there anyone so naieve that anything said by “Sen. Vitter” will be taken at face value?

  2. battlebob says:

    This is about as dumb as Clinton’s “I did not inhale!”.